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Last updated: April 2014

Forums are…
Forums are the place to connect and communicate with other members and visitors about information on our web site and other topics of consumer interest and concern. Forum Moderators help to keep conversations running smoothly.

Personal information, privacy…
Please see the User Agreement and Privacy Policyhighlights or full text, for more about Consumer Reports' use of your personal information and of the material you post here, and about protection of your privacy.

For your security…
For your security, do not post personally-identifying information (email or other address or phone number).

Your name…
Note that your billing name (subscribers) or registration name (non-subscribers) appears as the author of all messages you post.

Forums are public…
Anything you post here will be available to anyone on the Internet for an indefinite period of time. What you post may also appear in search engine results that reference our Forums.

Use your own good judgment…
We cannot vouch for the accuracy, quality or good sense of messages posted here, and we do not claim to read or evaluate them all.

Forum standards…
Messages that are off-topic, commercial in nature, contain objectionable or inappropriate material, or otherwise violate our User Agreement or Privacy Policy may be deleted and the author subject to exclusion. Respect-for-all guides participation.

Editing, deleting your own message…
You can edit or delete your own messages until a response is posted. After that, only Moderators can alter messages. Use the Feedback link to contact them.

Comments, questions...

For comments or questions about Forums:

For all other comments or questions:

Customer service

Future changes to the Forum Guidelines…

Changes to these Guidelines may be made at any time and will be announced on the main Forum pages.


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