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Last updated: June 2015

Each month, our Viewpoint page highlights efforts of Consumers Union, the policy and advocacy arm of Consumer Reports, to improve the marketplace. Read our Policy & Action articles.

Winner of the Consumers Union Excellence in Consumer Advocacy Award 12/11
Covering the consumer landscape 11/11
Looking out for consumers 10/11
Consumers Union tackles the issues 9/11
Stop phone-bill shock 8/11
Safety at your fingertips 7/11
Hidden airline dangers 6/11
Keeping patients safe 5/11
Financial protections consumers need now 3/11
Your bank, now better 2/11
Big, bad cable merger 1/11

Toyotas recommended 12/10
Long waits for generics 11/10
Zombie debt never dies 10/10
A supplement strategy 9/10
Fighting for broadband 8/10
Energy Star improves 7/10
Driving while distracted 6/10
Cars must be safer 5/10
More trouble for debtors 3/10
No favoritism on the Web 2/10
Lax rules, risky food 1/10

A win for product safety 12/09
Skimpy broadband access 11/09
Want that phone? 10/09
Locked out of the courts 9/09
A prescription for health care 8/09
Stop credit gotchas 7/09
Recipe for safer food 6/09
Cable rates' endless rise 5/09
Raise the roof-crush standard 3/09
Payday lenders: Small loans, hefty fees, big problem 2/09
Why texting is too $$$ 1/09

When a gift card is no gift 12/08
Confused about cable, 11/08
As if gas didn't cost enough... 10/08
Hospitals will have to pay for their mistakes 9/08
The hidden price you pay for energy 8/08
3 things you should know about your food 7/08
A new law helps make vehicles safer 6/08
Credit-card pitfalls 5/08
Problems complaining about banks 3/08
Activists help reduce hospital infections 2/08
Wireless carriers lock out consumers 1/08


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