Danby DDR60A3GP dehumidifier

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Summary: Though it's a top performer, this model's fan runs continuously until its internal bucket is full, adding to its noise and about a 50 to 60 watt ncrease in energy consumption when set on high speed. 
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Type: Large-capacity dehumidifiers
About - Danby DDR60A3GP

The Danby DDR60A3GP is part of the dehumidifier test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, dehumidifier models like the DDR60A3GP are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Water removal:
Water removal measures pints per day removed under 80º F and 60 percent relative humidity as well as 70º F and 70 percent relative humidity. Models closest to claimed removal scored higher.

Humidistat accuracy:
Humidistat accuracy is how closely humidistats came to keeping the humidity levels we set for them in our test chamber.

Energy efficiency:
Energy efficiency measures kWh needed to remove a pint of water from the air; the fewer the kilowatts, the higher the score.
Features & Specs - Danby DDR60A3GP
info Tank size (pts.) 15
info Claimed pts/day 60
info Digital display Yes
info Frost control Yes
info Auto re-start Yes
info Continuous fan Yes
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User Reviews - Danby DDR60A3GP
User Reviews
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Not fixable - off to the landfill
Not repairable
Best Uses
About 6 to 7 years ago I bought a similar model (DDR586R) with all of the features listed above and spent about $300. It was much quieter than my 25-yr-old one and worked efficiently. Unfortunately, after a few years, the LCD display stopped functioning and while the unit still runs, I can no longer tell what mode it is on or at what rate of drying. Danby gave me 2 repair places in my area - both only work on units that are under the 1 yr warranty. I checked with another shop - $79. to analyze it,above the cost of parts and labor. I checked online and the part doesn't seem to be available anywhere. While I did have a number of years of use and am willing to buy a new machine, I am sick about sending this huge piece of plastic off to the dump. I wish Consumers still paid more attention to life expectancy and repair incidence. All of this plastic stuff seems to be short-lived, in spite of my always researching before I buy.
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More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Two years and still working
Built in pump
Digital Humidity Display
Digital Temp Disp
Filter Access Thru Bucket
Best Uses
Hard To Access Spaces
I needed to dehumidify a below-grade elevator shaft that had continuous water seepage, despite all attempts to stop it. The lift capacity of the Danby DDR60A3GP built-in pump and the 16' of included 5/16 OD hose made installation easy... just a small hole drilled through the concrete block wall to reach the drain pipe 13' above the shaft floor. That was two years ago and it is still working. Unfortunately I have come to expect much less than that, based on the half-dozen other brands of dehumidifiers that I have used in other locations over the last few years. Many of them failed after a year or so of use.<br /><br />During the winter the heat from this unit keeps the elevator comfortable (shaft is fire-rated and has no HVAC system), although during the summer this extra heat is not welcome. But I will take 80°F over 80% R.H. so at least the elevator is not getting moldy.<br /><br />From reading some other reviews, it is necessary to note: ALL dehumidifiers add their operating watts (heat from fan and compressor motors working) into the room where they are located. Discharging warm air means that the refrigeration system is working. If the discharge air is cool, then the compressor is either off or the system has failed.<br /><br />Only complaint is that cleaning the air filter requires removing the water bucket.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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failed after 7 months
Best Uses
This unit worked very well with moderate, intermittent use for about 7 months until it gradually failed to collect any water, finally failing entirely. After numerous emails and lots of time, Danby *finally* offered a full refund, providing I jump through a bunch of hoops, like cutting off the cord and photographing it. The list of their repair facilities is unreliable: many of them listed don't repair Danbys.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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