Wolf L-Series SO30F/S wall oven

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We expect this model to perform similarly to the tested Wolf E-Series SO30-2F/S although it may differ in price and features.
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Type: Single Electric Wall Ovens
About - Wolf L-Series SO30F/S

The Wolf L-Series SO30F/S is a wall oven available from Wolf. The L-Series SO30F/S typically costs $4000 .

Consumer Reports recommends that you match the features on a model to the needs you have. Here's our take on some of the specifications and features that are commonly available on wall oven models like the L-Series SO30F/S.

Width (in.):
This measurement indicates the width of the front of the oven in inches. It does not indicate the necessary size of the cabinet cut-out, which is model dependent. Note that a wall oven will typically fit into the same size or wider cabinet.

Covered element:
Smooth cover or floor over the bottom baking element makes for easier cleanup of drips and spills.

Convection mode:
Has a convection feature that uses a fan or two to circulate heated air, and sometimes an extra heating element. The convection mode can be turned off if you prefer conventional cooking.

Tested Model
The Ratings of Wolf E-Series SO30-2F/S were applied to untested model Wolf L-Series SO30F/S, which in our judgment is enough alike in its performance, features, and specs that our test results apply to both.
Wolf E-Series SO30-2F/S
Approximate retail price:
About This Brand

This high-end brand sells gas, electric, and induction cooktops that cost as much as $5,200 and electric wall ovens priced from $2,000. Wolf targets consumers who want a pro-appliance look and high performance. These appliances are sold through independent appliance retailers.

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Features & Specs - Wolf L-Series SO30F/S
info Width (in.) 30
info Covered element Yes
info Convection mode Yes
info Temperature probe Yes
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