Frigidaire Professional FPHD2485N[F] dishwasher

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We expect this model to perform similarly to the tested Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2465N[F] although it may differ in price and features.
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Type: Conventional dishwashers
About - Frigidaire Professional FPHD2485N[F]

The Frigidaire Professional FPHD2485N[F] is a dishwasher available from Frigidaire. The Professional FPHD2485N[F] typically costs $700 .

Consumer Reports recommends that you match the features on a model to the needs you have. Here's our take on some of the specifications and features that are commonly available on dishwasher models like the Professional FPHD2485N[F].

Adjustable upper rack:
Most models hold cups and glasses on the top rack, plates on the lower rack, and silverware in a basket. The ability to adjust the upper rack up or down an inch or so allows for more flexibility in loading items such as tall glasses.

A sensor adjusts water usage and cycle time to the amount of soil on the dishes. This should make a dishwasher use water more efficiently, but we've found this isn't always the case. Moreover, a sensor can increase a machine's running time.

Self-cleaning filter:
A filter that cleans itself is convenient but can add to noise. While most mid- to high-end dishwashers come with filters that require periodic manual cleaning, a few newer high-end models come with self-cleaning filters that use micro-filtration rather than macerators.

Tested Model
The Ratings of Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2465N[F] were applied to untested model Frigidaire Professional FPHD2485N[F], which in our judgment is enough alike in its performance, features, and specs that our test results apply to both.
Frigidaire Gallery FGHD2465N[F]
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About This Brand

This brand is sold mostly at big-box stores, Independent appliance stores, and other national retailers for $300 to $800; the company also makes the Frigidaire Gallery and Frigidaire Professional lines. Frigidaire is known for its least expensive models. It introduced a gray-colored speckled stainproof tub and the Sahara Dry technology on it's models. Frigidaire is owned by Electrolux.

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Features & Specs - Frigidaire Professional FPHD2485N[F]
info Ample flatware slots No
info Adjustable upper rack Yes
info Sensor Yes
info Self-cleaning filter Yes
info Hidden controls Some
info Interior material plastic
info Stainless/SS-look option Yes
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