Miele KF1901Vi refrigerator

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Summary: This 36-inch-wide Miele built-in bottom-freezer has digital touchpad controls with temperature display. The model is available in stainless steel and is Energy Star qualified.
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About - Miele KF1901Vi

The Miele KF1901Vi is part of the refrigerator test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, built in refrigerator models like the KF1901Vi are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Temperature performance:
This combines results of tests measuring the accuracy of initial temperature settings along with how well a model 1) kept optimum temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer at the same time; 2) kept temperatures even throughout each compartment; 3) kept temperatures constant despite changes in room temperatures; and 4) maintained set temperatures even with very high room temperatures.

Energy efficiency:
This reflects electricity consumption (based on our tests) per cubic foot of measured usable storage space. For example, two refrigerators with the same energy cost per year may have different energy efficiencies -- the unit with more storage space being more efficient.

Noise level was measured when the compressor started up and during steady running. Subjective judgments by a panel of listeners supplemented our noise-meter readings.
Features & Specs - Miele KF1901Vi
info Claimed capacity (cu. ft.) 18.3
info Bottom-freezer Yes
info Side-by-side No
info French-door style No
info Water dispenser No
info Stainless/SS-look option Yes
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User Reviews - Miele KF1901Vi
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Attractive Design
Customizable Shelving
Energy Efficient
Alarm Will Not Turn Off
Bad Ice Maker
Lights Will Not Turn Off
Problems With Programming
Will Not Stay Cold
Best Uses
Problems with computer controls. Alarm will not turn off, Inside lights stay on and force temp to increase. Water filter warning will not turn off. Miele customer service is poor,
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More than six months
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Beautiful Appliance
Attractive Design
Easy Access
Holds Temperature Well
Space For Tall Items
Best Uses
Elegant Kitchen
Cabinet depth (~23) 36 wide Miele Fridge (and other Miele appliances) went in 2011 when rebuilt house. Fridge expensive (about $7200- I supplied custom panel) but has been worth it. Looked at all top end units. <br />Miele had most aesthetic appeal (elegant, clean, precise fit/finish) and felt the best.<br /><br />Things that are Great about unit:<br />• Beautiful- looks like custom Cabinet with panels and handles. <br />• Very efficient/ clean / elegant interior design maximizes available space.<br />• Awesome interior lighting<br />• Temperature control very precise for various zones. <br />• Door hinges super strong/ smooth opening but don't look too industrial (clunky).<br />• Miele 5 year warranty <br />• Miele service (they come when you need it).<br /><br />Things that are NOT GREAT<br />• Bottom freezer OK.<br />• Manual ice tray in freezer OK . <br />• Ice has to be removed by hand (no through door dispenser)- tends to clump a bit.<br />Initially shocked would not get through door water dispenser or ice maker.<br />Told through door ice makers/water dispensers too unreliable for these units. <br />In retrospect- built in fridge water dispense/ice maker not good fit for custom door.<br />Consider separate ice maker/ filtered water dispenser for nice kitchen.<br /><br />Shared experiences: <br />Same blinking filter light experience as other reviewer- unit worked just fine for 3 months until I replaced filter. Filtered ice tastes better at my house. <br />Carbon block filters do tend to be pricey- user's choice.<br /><br />VERY IMPORTANT when buying any pricey appliance.<br />Imperative to have excellent support from seller/manufacturer.<br />Wanted to avoid horror stories reported by users of other high end brands.<br />These units will need some type of service at some point.<br /><br />At time I purchased my unit through high end kitchen and bath store order was placed directly with Miele. Fridge and other units delivered and installed by Miele. <br /><br />In 2011 MIELE required purchase, delivery and installation through/by Miele for valid warranty. (Factory to house).<br />Numerous improper care, handling & installation issues encountered with third party vendors and installers of Miele appliances.<br /><br />Miele changed between $50 to $150 (fridge) per appliance but in turn upgraded their standard warranty to 5 years for all appliances. This was a great deal.<br /><br />In the almost 4 years I have had appliances Miele had to come out (free of charge) for ice built up behind ice maker panel that caused it to stop making ice. Problem identified first visit/ part ordered and fixed on second visit, scheduled at my convenience, about a week later. No problem contacting Miele support.
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More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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You paid how much????
Attractive Design
Poor Layout
Best Uses
I'm embarrassed to say, we paid $11,000.00 for our 36 Miele fridge/bottom freezer. We bought it because I wanted a fully integrated fridge. Jury is still out whether is has been worth the ridiculous price tag. But in saying that, it looks beautiful (in that you can't distinguish it from our cabinets). <br /><br />It is very heavy and apparently finicky to get set up. It cost an additional $350.00 to have it installed. <br /><br />Space is very limited. There are only 2 of us and we don't really cook at home, I couldn't imagine a family using this fridge. There is not enough room for even a milk carton, unless you move the shelf up, then making the other space between the shelf above too short for anything. Some things you just can't lay on their side to make them fit.<br /><br />The crisper drawer is one long draw, to open it you have to open the big 36 door wide open to slide the crisper drawer out. There should be two separate drawers. <br /><br />The filter light started blinking a few months after purchasing it. filters cost $99.00 which you apparently have to buy every 6 months. We then purchased a bypass for $150.00 to avoid the filter light blinking in the future, only to find out a bypass is what came with the fridge in the first place. <br />The control panel has proven to be difficult to use, and have found different/conflicting instructions on how to solve the blinking filter issue. <br /><br />We still can't get the filter light to stop flashing after numerous calls to support and because we can't reset the filter light, it hasn't made ice since. <br /><br />A service tech can be dispatched, however if it proves to not be a broken/faulty part, we will be charged for the service all. Can't image that will be cheap.<br /><br />Really, for $11,000.00, a service person in a white suit should be coming out to support this fridge at no cost. <br /><br />My next kitchen reno will have a simple inexpensive fridge with water and ice in the door, and it will cost me 10 times less... and my husband will be happy.<br /><br />If money is no object, you don't care what your friends and family think of you spending that kind of money on a fridge, and you want a stunningly beautiful kitchen with an integrated fridge, then it may be worth it.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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