GE Profile PTS22LHS[WW]
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Summary: This 21.7 cu.-ft. top-freezer GE Profile PTS22LHS[WW] refrigerator has
  • an internal water dispenser
  • a built-in water filter
  • spillproof shelves
  • digital controls
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About - GE Profile PTS22LHS[WW]

The GE Profile PTS22LHS[WW] is part of the refrigerator test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, top freezer refrigerator models like the Profile PTS22LHS[WW] are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Temperature performance:
This combines results of tests measuring the accuracy of initial temperature settings along with how well a model 1) kept optimum temperatures in the refrigerator and freezer at the same time; 2) kept temperatures even throughout each compartment; 3) kept temperatures constant despite changes in room temperatures; and 4) maintained set temperatures even with very high room temperatures.

Energy efficiency:
This reflects electricity consumption (based on our tests) per cubic foot of measured usable storage space. For example, two refrigerators with the same energy cost per year may have different energy efficiencies -- the unit with more storage space being more efficient.

Noise level was measured when the compressor started up and during steady running. Subjective judgments by a panel of listeners supplemented our noise-meter readings.

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The Ratings applied to untested model GE GTS22KBPWW come from our tests of model GE Profile PTS22LHS[WW], which in our judgment is enough alike in its performance, features, and specs that our test results apply to both.
About This Brand

The GE lines include GE, GE Profile, GE Café, and GE Monogram. GE will be offering an interactive LCD screen on some of its models, and on one Profile model there will be a refreshment center and fold-away shelves.

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Features & Specs - GE Profile PTS22LHS[WW]
info Claimed capacity (cu. ft.) 21.7
info Energy cost/yr. ($) 64
info Water dispenser Internal
info Stainless/SS-look option Yes
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User Reviews - GE Profile PTS22LHS[WW]
User Reviews
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Glad main parts have a 5 yr warranty
Attractive Design
Customizable Shelving
Not Cold Enough
Best Uses
Glad the GE Profile models have a 5 yr warranty on the main refrigerant parts - for the last 3 days the temperatures inside both the refrigerator and freezer sections of our 3 1/2 year old unit have been higher than their settings and are only now very slowly starting to go down (after 3 days). Neither temperature is low enough though and we have called for service. It will be 2 days until the GE tech arrives. This unit is not even 4 years old so it better not cost $s for repair. If it does it will be the last GE - which is sad for me to say because our 1st GE refrigerator is still running out in our garage and is over 20 years old. Before this temperature problem we have always had problems with the ice in the ice maker. The freezer temperature must not be consistent because the pieces of ice stick together and bags our frozen foods are always frosted (with condensation?).
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More than six months
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Horrible Product
Not Cold Enough
Best Uses
VERY DISAPOINTED - In GE for selling this lousy product , in Consumer Reports for listing it as a 'Best Buy' and in myself for no returning in the first time it broke down. 6 months into owning it the 'mother board' was fried - It's been replaced 3 more times in 4 years - broke down again yesterday and the repair man can't even fix it ( fan, compressor and mother board shot) for an amount that makes sense so it's going to now be used as land fill - DO NOT BUY THIS OR ANY GE product - there is no quality control any longer at this company.
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More than six months
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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