LG DLGX8501V clothes dryer

Price range:
$1,525.10 - $1,699.00
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Summary: This LG gas dryer offers:
• Moisture sensor
• Electronic controls.
• Steam option.
• Stainless-steel drum
• On/off end of cycle signal.
• Drum light.
• Drying rack.
• Custom programs.
• Stackable
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About - LG DLGX8501V

The LG DLGX8501V is part of the clothes dryer test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, gas dryer models like the DLGX8501V are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Drying performance:
This score combines performance on three types of laundry loads of different sizes and fabric mixes: A 12-lb. load, predominantly cotton, representing a family's large weekly load; an 8-lb. load of cotton/polyester blend clothing; and a 3-lb. load of synthetic delicates, women's pajamas, nightgowns, bras and underwear.

Among the models we tested, drum volume varied from about 6 to 8.0 cu. ft.

For this measurement, we judged controls and ergonomics, such as ease of loading and unloading, servicing the lint filter, whether the door could clear a tall basket, and whether the machine has a raised edge to contain spills.
About This Brand

This company is known for its TrueSteam dryers and the designer colors available for its models. Some models have a steam generator intended to eliminate wrinkles. Prices for LG dryers range from $700 to $1,200.

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Features & Specs - LG DLGX8501V
info Stackable Yes
info Dimensions (in.) 41 x 29 x 32
info Stainless-steel drum Yes
info Porcelain top Yes
info Drying rack Yes
info Custom programs Yes
info Steam option Yes
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User Reviews - LG DLGX8501V
User Reviews
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don't buy this dryer!!!!
Large Capacity
Leaves Clothes Damp
Best Uses
This dryer has been a nightmare since the it being a month old. The first issue we had was a high pitched whining noise that was so loud and high pitched i could hear it anywhere in the house. We contacted LG about getting this fixed. LG tried to troubleshoot over the phone and we insisted this noise was not acceptable they scheduled a repair technician to come out. The repair technician diagnosed the problem as the dryer vent not being tightly connected to the back of the dryer so it was causing the high pitch noise. he tightened the dryer vent and left. i put some towels i has just washed into the dryer and within 30 mins that high pitched whine was back. we called the service repair company back out and they couldn't determine what was causing the high pitch whine and after they left it was making different rattle/humming noise and a loud clunking noise. we called the service company back out and they diagnosed it as being a bad idler and added some more screws for noise control and vibration. They came back out and installed the new idler. In less than week we had more loud noises and very loud popping noise anytime the gas valve would open. We called LG and they sent another service company out because LG had discontinued there service agreement with the first repair company. The new technician that came out diagnosed the loud popping noise as problem with the gas valve or ignition mechanism and he wanted to replace the shell of the dryer. This dryer was our first gas dryer and has been nothing but trouble. LG has not been very helpful with warranty service and i feel this dryer is a big fat lemon. I don't know if LG makes bad gas dryers, the first service company had bad technicians, or what the major problem is here. The dryer also leaves clothes damp a lot. I have to run the dryer for longer and on a hotter temperature than my old dryer to get the clothes, sheets, or whatever dry. So overall i would not recommend this gas dryer and not gas dryers in general.
How long have you owned it:
Three-to-six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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