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Trader Joe's Powder
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About - Trader Joe's Powder

The Trader Joe's Powder is part of the dishwasher detergent test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, dishwasher detergent models like the Powder are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Liquids and powders generally pour easily; gels have a thicker consistency than liquids. Tablets are a dry, solid premeasured amount of detergent. Pacs have a dissolvable outer package containing a premeasured amount of liquid, gel, or powder. A dispenser product uses a cartridge that automatically dispenses a charge of detergent for 12 loads of dishes.

Size of package:
The package size in ounces for liquids or powders or count for tablets, tabs and packs.

Cleans dishes:
Gauges how well a detergent removed a caked-on puree of foods from glass dishes.
Features & Specs - Trader Joe's Powder
info Contains bleach No
info Contains enzymes Yes
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User Reviews - Trader Joe's Powder
User Reviews
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Does not dissolve
Powder Does Not Dissolve
Best Uses
I'm using the product on and off for the last couple of month, because I'm very concerned with all the toxins in the regular dishwasher detergents. At the beginning, I was ok with it, but it always had the problem that the powder did not dissolve properly, which was mostly visible of the glass ware. Initially I thought it would be my mistake, because I used too much or had wrong water temperature. I even had a technicial check out my water heater (I have a tankless one), but he said that shouldn't be a problem; most modern dishwashers adjust the water temperature on their own, so you could in principle even hook it up to the cold water (which would be much less enery efficient of course). I switched to other brands (there is one from Whole Foods, a liquid one) and the problem diappeared.
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More than six months
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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