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Kenmore Intuition 28014 canister vacuum

This innovative vacuum from Sears performed well in our tests

Last reviewed: November 2008
Kenmore Intuition 28014 canister vacuum
Pioneering cleaner
The Kenmore Intuition 28014 canister model introduces some new vacuum technology that really works.

The Kenmore Intuition 28014, $500, an 11-amp, 24-pound canister vacuum with HEPA filtration is a departure from the Progressive line, which seems to have evolved in small steps from model to model. The Intuition 28014 introduces several technologies that are unique among the canister models we've tested. It incorporates, for example, a cage structure in the bag housing to allow airflow and suction through the entire bag, not just the rear or bottom, and also features what Kenmore calls the CrossOver powerhead.

The CrossOver powerhead is a clever tool and performed well in our tests. To move from cleaning carpets to bare floors, you simply hit a release lever on the rear of the powerhead and lift the nested floor brush from its cradle on top. The Intuition excelled at cleaning bare floors.

Many vacuums with bags lose suction when dirt and debris get plastered to the bottom of the bag—blocking airflow through the motor. The plastic cage that surrounds the bag on the Intuition 28014 helps to maintain suction after collecting dirt, leading to very good performance in airflow for tools. That means you can pick up large quantities of dusty messes and still have suction until the bag is full.

The large powerhead is easy to maneuver, and all the electronic keypad controls are conveniently on the handle.

But the hose and powerhead assembly are slightly heavy—together they weigh about 2½ pounds more than those on Progressive line models do. Although the powerhead is easy to turn, it takes some effort to push and pull it when vacuuming.

The innovations on the Intuition 28014 work—they're not just bells and whistles. This vacuum delivers very good overall performance, and while it's expensive (the regular price is $600), it is a competitively priced canister vacuum.

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