Electrolux Precision BrushRoll Clean EL8807A vacuum cleaner

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Summary: This 18-pound upright from Electrolux is bagless and has suction control, HEPA filtration, a brush on/off switch, and a 25-foot, manual-wind cord.
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Type: Bagless upright vacuums
About - Electrolux Precision BrushRoll Clean EL8807A
This bagless Electrolux upright includes a upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. It weighs 18 pounds and provides helpful features such as brush on/off switch, suction control, and manual carpet pile-height adjustment.

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Features & Specs - Electrolux Precision BrushRoll Clean EL8807A
info Bag No
info Weight (lbs.) 18
info Brush on/off Yes
info Easy on/off No
info Manual-pile adjust Yes
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Best Bagless design I've used yet
Blue Model 30' Cord
Easy To Empty
Easy to Use
Logical Hose Mount
Long Power Cord
Powerful/Good Suction
Quick Versatility
Tip Resistant
Mediocre edge cleaning
Must Be Careful Emptying
Best Uses
Above-the-floor Cleaning
Hardwood Floors
Pet Hair
Tile Floors
I set out to replace the top rated Eureka Boss which was aging- and I gave it to a friend in need. I'm familiar with Dyson (not impressed considering the cost) and other models from Bosch, etc. First, I tried Shark based simply on the glowing consumer reviews. I felt it did a good job vacuuming carpet, and the narrower head proved to have a hidden bonus: it fit under, around and in-between spaces wider vacuums will not. The Shark was lightweight, and easy to maneuver. However, most Sharks have their hose mounted too high, and tip very easily when using the hose & attachments. This became ridiculously annoying- and ultimately impractical. The Shark was also messy to empty as it's odd shaped bin had many nooks that caught and retained dirt. It's filters were hit with a lot of dirt quickly. I did not see the recommended 3 month schedule for filter cleaning being sufficient. <br /><br />I decided to try the Electrolux Brush Roll Clean based on what appeared to be an excellent, logical design & feature set. A certain store's return policy is excellent- so there was little risk in trying it. Frankly, I have been pretty impressed. <br /><br />They put some serious thought into this bagless models details- and if you follow the instructions (which could be much better- think IKEA) I believe this unit will perform well for most people that don't slam their vacuums around like it's the Indy 500. <br /><br />It has excellent suction- cleans the carpets well, and pushes easily. Note: The lowest setting is meant for floors, not carpets. <br /><br />Switching to the hose is ingeniously simple and quick. I suggest pushing down very slightly on the handle as you click the release button. The hose is mounted very low on the body- so tipping is not a problem. You can easily walk about 8 feet away from the unit using the hose. The built-in telescoping wand is a breeze to pull out and use- extending your reach even further. <br /><br />NOTE: If you intend to use only the hose from the handle- you must STILL release the wand, but can leave it resting in the unit- this is what redirects the suction from the main head to the hose. From the reviews I've read- I'd venture a guess people are not doing this as they complain about zero suction for tools. It is mentioned in the instructions.<br /><br />The 3-in-1 Versa-tool is fine- it's meant to be a crevice tool, furniture tool, etc. It's a bit more of a gimmick as it tends to collapse on itself. It does however wrap around facilitating the vacuuming of armrests, cushion edges, etc. So I may use attachments I already own- there's a rectangle to round adapter for Electrolux models like this sold at most vacuum shops. It also enables the use of an excellent boars hair floor brush I purchased a few years ago. That attachment is still the best for hard floors- and this units long hose makes it a cinch to do. This adapter is also available online. <br /><br />The dusting brush is fine- however it's bristles could be a bit thicker and stiffer.<br /><br />The Electrolux is the least messy bagless I've tried- just push the lever over a garbage can- the dirt falls out fairly well with less plastic static cling than I've experienced with the Shark, or other models I've tried (I'm looking at you Panasonic!). They could improve the build quality of these levers. The bin comes completely apart for more thorough cleaning- and there are few places for dirt to get stuck like the Shark's rounded triangle shaped bin.<br /><br />This units clear shortcomings are that the beater bar does not go from edge to edge. Not a deal-breaker like tipping over and scraping me or my furniture. Still, something they could improve. The Brush-Roll Clean feature worked very well for dislodging long hair- the roll was completely cleared. The instructions are fairly clear how to use this feature- and there are some important notes.<br /><br />The unit is reasonably quiet motor/tone. It's lightweight, easy to maneuver and has rubberized wheels to protect surfaces. Unlike many vacuums I looked at- the head unit is designed with a semi-soft plastic that feels durable, and less likely to damage furniture. The Blue version sold at a popular warehouse store has a 30' cord compared to other stores I looked at. It was purchased 4/2014 and appears to be limited to store stock on hand. You might want to ask them to check other stores if you don't see it in your local warehouse. <br /><br />The true test will be how long it lasts- but with it's 5 year Warranty- you get some piece of mind.
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