Miele S 7260 Cat & Dog vacuum cleaner

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Summary: This 22-pound upright from Miele is bag-equipped and has suction control, a brush on/off switch, and a 40-foot, manual-wind cord.
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Type: Bagged upright vacuums
About - Miele S 7260 Cat & Dog
The Miele S 7260 Cat & Dog upright vacuum cleaner includes a power brush, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. It weighs 22 pounds and provides helpful features such as a brush on/off switch, suction control, and a telescopic wand.
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This German appliance manufacturer is family-owned and run, and has been making vacuum cleaners since the late 1920s. In the U.S., Miele vacuums are primarily sold through small, independent vacuum retailers, though the brand's retail distribution now includes Bed, Bath & Beyond and Amazon. Miele focuses on high-end, well-featured upright and canister models, with prices typically ranging from about $300 to $1,000.

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Features & Specs - Miele S 7260 Cat & Dog
info Bag Yes
info Weight (lbs.) 22
info Brush on/off Yes
info Easy on/off Yes
info Manual-pile adjust No
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User Reviews - Miele S 7260 Cat & Dog
User Reviews
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Well engineered, durable machine
Activated Carbon Filter
Auto-off Brush
Auto Off When Upright
Auto Shutoff On Problem
Brigh Front Led Lights
Brush Turn-off Switch
Conven Brush Off Switch
Conven Located Power Sw
Easy to change bags
Excellent suction
Extra Handle For Carrying
Folds To Get Under Tables
Good air filtration
Good Hose Length
Great cord length
Great Set Of Attachments
Long-lasting Bags
Onboard attachments
On-board Telecopic Wand
Sev Vacs In Product Line
very durable
Very maneuverable
Not great for stairs
Not That Great For Furn
Somewhat Heavy
Best Uses
Carpet In General
New High Tech Carpet
Pet hair
Vac Tile Before Mopping
I had high hopes for a similar priced vacuum, after my decision to no longer by the less expensive highly popular vacuums at my favorite retailers. I was tired of paying $400 every two years for non-durable machines. Unfortunately, I had to take back the bagless vacuum for animals that uses a ball because it sank into our new high-tech synthetic carpet. The lack of a manual height control made the ball vacuum to difficult to push. This Miele does not suffer from the same problems and has a much better design. To start, it has manual suction and height adjustments that are designed well and work together for the user to choose the height and suction levels to balance cleaning needs verse ease of pushing the machine. As such, the Miele can be quickly adjusted to work well on carpet, area rugs, tile and other surfaces. The Miele's suction, agitation, maneuverability and durability are great. The cord is very long and of average durability but could be better. It does not have the nice little tab on the back of the plug that would allow you to connect it to the coiled cord on the vacuum to keep it from unwinding. It has a separate connector that attaches to the coiled cord on one end, and another segment of cord near the end, on the other end of the connector. This is not a huge issue, but is odd, given the superior engineering of the vacuum in nearly every other area. You do need to be careful not to vacuum over the power cord. The very powerful beater brush scuffed the power cord within a matter of second and certainly would have done more damage if the cord had been left under the brush longer. I do not fault the machine much for this, as it is a powerful cleaning machine, such as is needed for thorough pet hair and dirt removal. When you lock the handle into an upright position, such as to walk away from the vacuum to pick up an item, the brush automatically turns off. If the vacuum encounters problems, it will turn off the suction and/or the brush to prevent damage. It has a red light to signal you it has encountered a problem. I did not encounter any clogs that stopped the operation of the machine. However, after several months I did find a build up of hair and other fibers wrapped around the brush bar, as well as some lint wedged behind the brush. All were easily cleared and commonly experienced with all of the vacuums I have had. There was no evidence the fibers had marred the brush bar, something I had seen with the many less durable brush bars common to the popular upright vacuums I have used. The noise on this vacuum is considerable less than many others. There is a carpet/floor switch conveniently located on the handle near the power switch that allows you to quickly turn the brush on and off. The only major downside of using this excellent machine is that it is somewhat heavy and users with back, arm or shoulder injuries or weakness might find it less than comfortable to use on several rooms at a time. There aren't many choices in machines that clean superbly, are durable and full-functioned. I recommend you buy this somewhere that allows you a few weeks to try it out and see if it is for you. If similar work, such as mowing lawns, shoveling, raking, pushing and pulling are not a problem, this machine should work out well. This machine is part of the S7000 upright vacuum line, which has a number of models with slightly different features, controls and attachments. This one comes with a turbo pet brush and activated charcoal filter to cut down any pet smells that might be sucked up from carpets or other surfaces. <br />Unfortunately, I did not like using this to clean stairs. It has good suction, but the turbo pet brush just does not clean as well or with the same versatility as a handheld vacuum that has a brush bar. The same applied to cleaning pet hair on upholstery. The hose from the handle to the onboard telescoping wand also seemed to kink due to the angle needed for stairs. And the vertical orientation of the upright made it less than stable to clean with the attachments sometimes. The vacuum was somewhat prone to tipping. You can view the entire manual at the Sylvane website. The vacuum, bags accessories and reviews (both written and video) can be easily found by searching the Web.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
(16 of 16 customers found this review helpful)
Excels at cleaning, but....
Carpet cleaning
Tool Convenience
Tool Suction
Awkward On Area Rugs
Brushroll Very Aggressive
Cord Wrap Awkward
Quirky To Lower Handle
Best Uses
Above The Floor Surfaces
Carpet Other Than Berber
Pet hair
I've had mine since 2009, so I feel very qualified to speak on this. I have the Bolero model which has a couple minor upgrades over this model, but overall operation is identical. <br /><br />After 5 years, I am as pleased with the cleaning ability as I was when it was new and don't regret my choice. But, there are a couple quirks that take some getting used to and / or become more annoying as time goes on. <br /><br />PROS: It still cleans high pile carpet SO well (but see my comment for certain types of berber). There is no doubt that it completely DEEP cleans thick carpet. I am astounded at how quickly the bag becomes packed with dirt. I have a cat and it is fantastic on pet hair. It is great on bare floors as well. I have ceramic tile and it easily gets dirt and hair up even in the grout areas. Excellent at edge cleaning. It has excellent tool suction and is handy enough to use the hose and / or extension (but I have some CON comments as well). in MOST cases, it is easy to switch from carpet to floors, or vice versa with only the flip of the brush roll on/off button and no bending down to turn any dials. It is SO quiet that it is never annoying to use and is not intimidating to animals. I can hear the TV while it is on. The filtration is absolutely outstanding with absolutely no dust or aromas and the air smells cleaner when finished. I have replaced my filters two times. While bags are expensive, and they fill quickly, they are large and don't need to be replaced for quite a while and are VERY hygienic to clean. My Bolero has an electronic method to reduce the suction as opposed to turning a dial, but regardless of the method on your model, the ability to adapt the suction is a great feature that I use a lot since the high or default suction is way too much for some tasks. <br /><br />My overall PRO is that after 5 years, I feel like my house is immaculately clean every time I use it and that includes my plush carpet, floors, above floor surfaces and the air after I use it. <br /><br />CONS: This is a heavy vacuum and is awkward to carry, though the rear handle makes it easier. It is very awkward to depress the floor pedal and lower the vacuum to the use position. I find the required effort to lower and raise the handle to the store position increasingly annoying. The brush roll is VERY aggressive on looped berber carpet to the point that it should not be used (the instructions even state this). While I had that type carpet in my bedroom during the first year, this damaged that carpet and I had to keep my old vacuum for that room. It can be awkward to raise the unit to carpet when moving from a floor, though you are supposed to depress the floor pedal to raise the unit and that helps. This is NOT easy to use on small area rugs as it devours them, though lowering the suction helps a little. I would not recommend this for anyone that has exclusively small area rugs. it fits under low furniture, but there is a nob on the hepa filter door that sticks up and it has nicked some of my low wooden furniture. <br /><br />Though good tool suction and reasonably convenient and comfortable to use the tool handle, I don't love the actual tools. The dusting brush is SUPER small and the default upholstery tool had to be replaced once already as the velcro brush surface is prone to coming off. I have since splurged on a larger dusting tool and rotating brush, but those won't fit on the back of the machine. I have never really adjusted to the cord wrap process and at my house, the cord is actually TOO long and almost burdensome to wrap and untangle. <br /><br />My CONS are more inconveniences and quirks that do not diminish the overall cleaning power of this vacuum. They have not made me regret my choice as this is still running well and many vacuums do NOT last 5 years. But this would not be for the elderly, feeble or those with mostly small, thin area rugs.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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8 Vacuums in 18 years; this is the BEST
Build Quality
Picks up everything
Works very well
Expensive Bag Replacement
Very Heavy
Best Uses
Attachments For Furniture
Have had them all, this is the best. No product is perfect but for utility, this hits the mark. Home consists of bare floors, tile, rugs, 2 adults, 2 dogs and 1 cat; 50% of vacuuming is furniture, pillows, nooks and crannies. The Cat & Dog has become a daily 'must use' tool, while heavy, it's easy to change from floor to tools. Most importantly, it is durable and incredibly quiet. The machine is pricey but worth it; don't spend $400 on 2 machines in 2 year's time; just save up and get this if you can afford it. Picks up everything. Has an aggressive brush, so be careful; does not spit everything out the back end when working bare floors. Bags are expensive, but takes about 3 months to fill up; we vacuum every other day on average. The rubber wheels do not effortlessly transition' from bare floor to rugs; use the handle on the back to do a quick lift and you are good to go. Check on line for best prices and delivery as dealers are difficult to find.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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