Combi Shuttle car seat

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$63.99 - $379.99
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Summary: The only infant seat currently available from Combi in the U.S., this Combi Shuttle with a 35 lb. rear facing capacity replaces the Shuttle 33.
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Type: Greater than 22 lb. capacity infant seats
About - Combi Shuttle

The Combi Shuttle is part of the car seat test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, infant car seat models like the Shuttle are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Crash protection:
Evaluation of a seat’s potential for providing an additional margin of safety in simulated 35mph frontal crashes when compared to the performance of similar models. Evaluation is based on injury criteria measured on standardized child-size dummies, head contact with the back of a simulated front seat, and the car seat’s ability to remain intact during the course of testing.

Ease of use:
Includes the clarity of instructions, installing the seat, adjusting harness positions, placing a child in the seat, securing the harness, and removing the child.

Fit to vehicle LATCH:
A rating of how easy it is to securely and correctly install each seat using the LATCH system in a variety of vehicles and how well the seats fit each vehicle once installed.
About This Brand

Combi offers a variety of child products, including child seats, strollers, and bouncers, that are most often found in boutique-type retail stores.

Features & Specs - Combi Shuttle
info Weight range (lbs.) 35 or less
info Height range (in.) 33" or less
info Carrier weight (lbs.) 10
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User Reviews - Combi Shuttle
User Reviews
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too heavy with no accessory option
No accessories
No Stroller Option
Best Uses
New born
It is heavy and you don't have the option to turn it into a stroller by using an infant car seat carrier
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More than six months
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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