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Graco Duo Tandem and MetroLite strollers

Last reviewed: July 2005

Could fail to latch properly and collapse while in use, resulting in broken bones or other injuries to child.


1 million Graco Duo Tandem strollers sold 1/94 through 12/00 for $80 to $150, and 143,000 MetroLite strollers sold 11/00 through 12/02 for $100 and $200. Recalled Duo Tandem strollers, made from 1994 to 1999, have blue, white, or green plastic and steel frame, four wheels in front and two in rear. They have two cloth seats, one in front and one in back. The stroller's frame has a label containing the model and serial number. Recall includes the following model- and serial-number combinations: models 7950, 7955, 7960, 7965, 7970, and 7980, with serial numbers from 01011994 to 12311999; and model 7990, with serial numbers 01011996 to 10311998. Graco has received reports of 306 collapses causing 230 reported injuries, including a broken arm and a cut requiring 46 stitches.

Recalled MetroLite strollers, made in 2000 and 2001, have blue, gray, or black plastic and steel frame. The cloth seat and top came in various colors and patterns. The strollers have four wheels in the front and two in the rear. The strollers were sold separately or as part of a travel system that included an infant car seat/carrier and a base. The car seat/carrier is not affected. A label on the crossbar under the foot rest contains the model and serial numbers. Recall includes models 6110DW, 6114NGS, 6110F3, 7410CON, 6111FKB, 7413CML, 6114HAV, 7413MRN, and 6114JAM, bearing serial numbers whose first eight digits are 10012000 to 12312001. Graco has received reports of 223 stroller collapses causing 34 injuries, including 18 bumps and bruises to the head or body. Other injuries associated with both strollers include cuts, scrapes, scratches, pinched fingers, and muscle pulls.

What to do

Stop using stroller and contact Graco at 800-981-4412 or go to for free repair kit, which includes a latch that attaches to the stroller's frame to ensure it is properly secured.