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Best Pedometers

Consumer Reports Ratings for Best Pedometers

Best Pedometers

We tested 15 pedometers to determine the best-performing models. Our expert lab technicians tested each Pedometer based on the following criteria:

  • Features
  • Ease of use
  • Accuracy

Below lists the Pedometers that rated best in each of the tests our experts looked for. Learn about how these tests were performed and find out which Pedometer is rated best when you subscribe.

Consumer Reports Ratings for Best Pedometers

Best Pedometer for Features

Features include calories, memory, backlight, multiple mode display, dual positioning (for conventional pedometers), water resistance, and speed.

This Pedometer which tested best for Features has the following features: Stopwatch, Calculates speed, Backlight and Memory function.

Best Pedometer for Ease of use

Ease of use includes clarity of instructions and how easy it was to operate the devices as judged by four sensory panelists.

This Pedometer which tested best for Ease of use has the following features: Stopwatch.

Best Pedometer for Accuracy

Accuracy for conventional pedometers and cell phone apps was measured against a manual step counter; for GPS watches, it was measured against a professional-grade measuring wheel that gauges distance

This Pedometer which tested best for Accuracy has the following features: Memory function.

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