November 2006
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3-row SUVs: Used-car alternatives
2003 Honda Pilot EX
2003 Honda Pilot EX
At a savings over the three-row vehicles we tested in the November 2006 SUV report (available to subscribers), you can find a used vehicle such as the Acura MDX, Honda Pilot, and Toyota Highlander--all three of which are CR Good Bets.

These SUVs did well in our testing when new, and they have shown average or above reliability, according to our latest survey. The listed prices below are for vehicles that are equipped with features such as antilock brakes; air conditioning; power windows, locks, and mirrors; cruise control; CD player; and a remote lock/unlock system. These prices reflect the range for this specific vehicle based on mileage.

2003 Acura MDX Base 4WD


2003 Honda Pilot EX 4WD


2004 Toyota Highlander Limited V6
w/3rd row


See our (available to subscribers) to access more information, as well as detailed reliability Ratings in 14 trouble areas. To get a price for a specific vehicle, including model year, trim version, and options, get a Used Car Price Report.

Why buy a used car?

Late-model used cars are often better values than new cars. They cost less to buy and insure, and they have already taken their biggest depreciation hit, which typically occurs in the first three years. By buying used, you can also often get a more luxurious or better-equipped vehicle that would be too expensive to buy new. With cars generally holding up better, many used cars, when properly maintained, should last 200,000 miles. What you might give up by not buying new is a full warranty lasting three or more years, perhaps some of the latest features or safety systems, and, of course, that new-car smell.