Interstate Mega-Tron II MT-35 car battery

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Type: Group 35 car batteries
About - Interstate Mega-Tron II MT-35

The Interstate Mega-Tron II MT-35 is part of the car battery test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, car battery models like the Mega-Tron II MT-35 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Life test measures how a battery endures repeated charge-and-discharge cycles at hot-climate engine-compartment temperatures. The more cycles endured while maintaining a higher voltage, the higher the score.

Reserve capacity:
Reserve capacity estimates how long batteries can run a car if the charging system fails.

CCA performance reflects voltage at our load of half the average claimed CCA for each group size after cranking for 15 seconds at 0º F. We charged batteries at the 14.5 volts that vehicles typically supply, rather than the higher voltage that manufacturers use. Batteries charged at the lower voltage met BCI voltage standards for a fully charged battery.
About This Brand

Available at a number of auto parts stores, repair shops, and online.

Features & Specs - Interstate Mega-Tron II MT-35
info Handle No
info Has removable caps Yes
info Claimed CCA 550
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User Reviews - Interstate Mega-Tron II MT-35
User Reviews
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An adequate battery
Best Uses
I purchased this battery December 2010 for my 2002 Corolla. I was immediately impressed how fast it cranked the engine even in winter. I had no trouble until it was 4-1/2 years old. One day it was dead in my garage. No lights left on or other reason I could find. I charged it up but since then the car cranks slowly if left alone more than a day. It charges to full voltage but seems to discharge sitting there idle. Battery is clean. It is now just over 5 years old. It has not gone dead again since that one time. I've put only 32K miles on the car since I purchased the battery. I would say this battery is satisfactory neither bad nor exceptionally good. I would recommend this battery for cold climates.
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More than six months
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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