Gorilla Automotive TG1 tire pressure gauge

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About - Gorilla Automotive TG1

The Gorilla Automotive TG1 is part of the tire pressure gauge test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, tire pressure gauge models like the TG1 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.


Stick-type pressure gauges resemble a ballpoint pen are simple and compact, and don't need batteries. Pressure is read off of a sliding scale proportional to the air pressure.

Digital gauges have an electronic LCD readout, like a pocket calculator's. That makes them easier to read than the scale on a stick-type gauge. Some digital readouts light up. That's handy for checking pressure in low-light conditions.

Dial gauges, the other main type, have an analog dial like a clock face. Most are easy to read but those with an extension hose take two hands to operate. Some come with an extension hose, and they are often more feature-laden than pocket-sized gauges with a bleeder valve and dual-scale dial.

Accuracy is based on a comparison of each model against a known calibrated master gauge at various pressures, and at cold, room, and hot temperatures. Cold and hot temperatures simulated storing the gauge in a car in winter and summer temperatures.

Ease of use:
Ease of use is primarily an assessment of pressure readability and how easy is it to take a pressure reading on an inflated tire.
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Always works
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I have a digital and it failed <br />I have a dial and it will not hold pressure any more - you have to read it in a fraction of a second.<br />I have the pen type and it has never failed.
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Three-to-six months
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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