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CR’s Ratings include road test results and safety information. Reliability and owner satisfaction Ratings are based on surveys of millions of subscribers.
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  • Overall Score
    The Highs, Lows, and Overall Rating refer to the model and trim line that we tested. A model earns the "CR Recommended" label by Consumer Reports when it has performed well in our tests, our subscriber -survey data indicate that it should be at least average in reliability, and has performed at least adequately in any government and/or insurance-industry crash tests or government rollover test, if tested. There are several reasons why a model would have no designation: It wasn't tested recently; it didn't test well; it did poorly in a crash test or tip-up in the rollover test; it has a below-average reliability record; it'S too new to have reliability data; or we have insufficeint reliability data.
  • Predicted Reliability
    Predicted reliability is our forecast of how well a model is likely to hold up derived from our latest Annual Car Reliability Survey. We averaged a model's Used Car Verdict for the newest three years, provided the model did not change significantly during that time. Refer to Reliability History for more detailed explanation.
  • Owner Satisfaction
    Indicates percentage of owners surveyed who would definitely purchase the same vehicle again.
  • Accident Avoidance
    A composite score of CR's test results for braking performance, emergency handling, acceleration, driving position, visibility, and seat comfort. Braking and emergency handling carry the most weight.
  • Overall (Mpg)
    Overall MPG (overall mileage) is CR's measurement based on a realistic mix of highway, country-road, and city driving.



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See the models that perform well in our tests, and meet our standards for reliability and safety.
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Wagons can be smart family haulers, combing sedan efficiency and SUV versatility. Wagons come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and costs, with several good models that have performed well in our tests and provedn to be safe and reliable.

Recently reviewed wagons

VIDEO: Ford Transit Connect wagon XLT 4-cyl
Transit Connect wagon XLT 4-cyl
If you're looking for the most space for the least cash, the Transit Connect should be on your radar screen. Ford's relatively small commercial van has been gussied up just enough to transform it into a credible people mover.

About the length of a Honda Accord, the Transit Connect will seat seven passengers comfortably. Sliding side doors and a super-high roofline make access a cinch.

But don't confuse the Tran...

Wagon buying guide

Wagon buying guide

Large, wood-sided station wagons are a thing of the past, but the concept lives on in a small number of practical wagons, luxury wagons, and several small hatchbacks. Wagons are usually based on an equivalent sedan, sharing the sedan's performance and features while adding utility with a rear liftgate and flat-folding rear seats. Some, such as the Audi Allroad, Subaru Outback, and Volvo XC70, have all-wheel drive available and a higher ground clearance that help to make them appealing alternatives to an SUV.

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