Technical Service Bulletins
Below, we highlight several key 'hidden' protections you may not be aware of, discovered through service campaigns and technical service bulletins. TSBs highlight common potential problems with models and provide corrective measures to dealerships. The items flagged below are of particular note, indicating a potential risk, and a potential correction, should you experience the specific issue. In some cases, an extended warranty may offer additional protection for a particular at-risk component.

Chevrolet Spark


The Spark has two service campaigns of note:

2013-14 models have a service campaign to inspect/replace the compressor if the A/C doesn’t work or if it cools intermittently due to inaccurate control of the evaporator temperature sensor (13434C).

2014 models have a campaign to test the engine and replace piston assemblies if needed because of engine knock, tick, rattle, and/or sluggish performance and poor shift quality (14076B).