Technical Service Bulletins
Below, we highlight several key 'hidden' protections you may not be aware of, discovered through service campaigns and technical service bulletins. TSBs highlight common potential problems with models and provide corrective measures to dealerships. The items flagged below are of particular note, indicating a potential risk, and a potential correction, should you experience the specific issue. In some cases, an extended warranty may offer additional protection for a particular at-risk component.

Chrysler Pacifica


There is one recall and one warranty extension of note:

The 2004-05 model had the warranty for the engine cradle extended to 10-yrs/ 150,000 miles because of a vibration or shaking (X26).

2005 models built between 7/04 and 1/05 were recalled for a headlamp wiring harness that could cause flickering or inoperable lights (E04).

Service bulletins

Every Pacifica may develop one of these two issues: loss of all right-side lock/mirror/seat/window functions, requiring new door switches (08-021-08); and the power seats may lock up and not work because of static electricity damage to the memory heated seat module (08-002-08).

Some 2004-06 vehicles may have a problem with HVAC condensation leaking under the passenger side carpet (24-001-06); rattling or clunking between 10-25 mph, which identifies the need for a new control arm (02-07-04); and/or a rattle while driving between 45-70mph, which is due to a splash shield hitting the body (23-033-06).

2006-07 models may have a squeak or groaning sound when the power windows are operated (23-028-08).

2007-08 models with a water leak on the front carpet may need to have body joints under the hood sealed (23-028-08).