Bose MIE2i headphone

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$129.95 - $129.99
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Summary: Portable non-isolating iPod/iPhone-centric earbud earphones that come with 6 pairs of ear pieces of various types and sizes and a carrying case.
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Type: Portable stereo headphones
About - Bose MIE2i

The Bose MIE2i portable non-isolating earbud-style earphones sit on the ear opening. These iPod/cellphone-centric earphones have a 44-inch audio cord with a modified stereo mini plug that works with iPods, iPads, iPhones, and some cellphones, though it may not be compatible with other audio devices. It has an inline microphone, volume and player controls, and a call connect/disconnect feature. The MIE2i come with a carrying case, three pairs of standard ear pieces of various sizes, three pairs of "Stayhear tip" ear pieces of various sizes that are claimed to provide a more secure fit, and a carrying case. The MIE2i is similar to two other Bose models, IE2--which works with all audio devices but lacks the built-in mic and remote control--and the MIE2, which lacks the volume control. Like the others, this model is covered by a 12-month warranty.

About This Brand

While Bose's best-known headphones are noise-canceling models, it now makes several types, including earphones. Products are usually in the higher price range.

Features & Specs - Bose MIE2i
info Integrated microphone Yes
info Call connect/disconnect control Yes
info Integrated volume control Yes
info Integrated function control Yes
info Cord length (in.) 44
info Plug type 4 contact Mini (1/8")
info Warranty: parts, labor (mos.) 12/12
info Weight (oz.) 0.7
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User Reviews - Bose MIE2i
User Reviews
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Poor quality
Ear Design Fits Great
Great Sound quality
Cord Cracked All Over
Cracked After 6 Months
Best Uses
Both myself and a co-worker have these and both of our cables cracked. I use mine while working out and as in-ear monitors on stage and ALWAYS keep them in the case. They stay in VERY well and have different size gel molds to fit your ear. If not for the poor construction this would be a 5 star product.
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More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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'Well that's electronics for you'
Good sound quality
Breaks After A Short Time
breaks for no reason
Best Uses
I bought an expensive set of in-ear Bose headphones back in 2010 and in the last few weeks the microphone has inexplicably broken. I have always treated the headphones very well; I use them 'lightly' and I always keep them in a case when not in use. In fact, I haven't even used them all that often over the past 3 years. Over the last 2 weeks, the microphone suddenly has been all static when I tried to use it to Skype, the microphone has been activating the voice control when I listen to music on my phone (interrupting the songs constantly), and the microphone has somehow been skipping songs in my playlists when I use them to listen to music on my ipad. I instant messaged with a Bose representative about the problem online and he or she told me to call technical support. The conversation I had was absolutely mind-boggling. When I expressed my disappointment over the expensive headphones breaking for no reason, he said 'well they are 3 years old.' I'm sorry, but I happen to think that expensive, high-end headphones should last 3 years or more when I take perfectly good care of them. He spoke as if 3 whole years is some sort of lifetime for Bose products and why would I expect their headphones to last that long? Then he tells me that I can't send them to Bose to have them fixed, I can just pay to have them replaced at a discount. I then basically said that I didn't understand why I would need to pay to replace a Bose product when it broke for no reason and he said - and I quote - 'well that's electronics for you' in a sarcastic manner. Well that's electronics for you?? You represent a high end ELECTRONICS company! You are basically saying 'well that's our product for you.' And then he was surprised that I didn't want to pay for a replacement! Why would I want to pay for an expensive pair of headphones that I shouldn't expect to last more than a couple of years and that are manufactured so poorly that 'well that's electronics for you' actually applies to them?!? I will just buy a cheap pair of headphones and when they break for no reason after a few months or years, I won't be surprised and I will just buy another cheap pair of headphones to replace them. I will NEVER buy another Bose product for the rest of my life. Why? Well, that's my reaction to Bose's terrible customer service and incredibly short-lived and apparently poorly made products for you.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
it excelent
Best Uses
that great to regular use.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
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