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Canon EOS Rebel SL1
Canon-EOS Rebel SL1Digital camera-image
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$449.99 - $697.88
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Summary: An 18-megapixel camera from Canon with a 3-inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, and manual controls.
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Type: SLR digital cameras
About - Canon EOS Rebel SL1
The EOS Rebel SL1 is an 18-megapixel camera with an 18mm-55mm kit lens that has a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 28.8mm-88mm. It has a 3-inch LCD (1,040,000 pixels) and includes touchscreen capability. It also includes a through-the-lens viewfinder, which is helpful when composing in bright light.

Because it accepts interchangeable lenses, and includes a mirror and a through-the-lens viewfinder, we consider this model an SLR.

The camera's kit lens has a maximum aperture of f/3.5. The camera's shutter speed range is 30 seconds to 1/4000 of a second.

The EOS Rebel SL1 stores photos and video on SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. It captures images as JPG or RAW files at a top resolution of 5184 x 3456 and full HD-resolution video as MOV files at a top resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30p fps.

Like most digital cameras, this model comes with a proprietary rechargeable battery.

The image stabilization system for this camera is optical.

The EOS Rebel SL1 measures 4.6 inches wide by 3.6 inches high by 2.7 inches deep, and weighs 23 ounces (1.5 pounds) (with battery, memory card, and strap).
About This Brand

Canon is the market leader in point-and-shoots, with an extensive line of models, which are known as PowerShots. Its budget line, the A series, is made up of compacts and subcompacts.  Canon's subcompacts are known as SD ELPHs. Its SX-series are mostly super zooms and come in various sizes and include smaller or larger feature sets. Canon has the D-series compact, which it claims are waterproof and shockproof. Its high-end series, the S and G lines, include special modes and manual features, such as the ability to shoot RAW files and to focus manually. The EOS Rebel series helped to define budget SLRs. Other SLRs include a host of pro and more-advanced consumer models, including models that have very large, full-frame sensors. Canon also offers a wider selection of lenses than most brands.

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Features & Specs - Canon EOS Rebel SL1
info LCD size (in.) 3
info 35mm equivalent multiplier 1.6
info Shutter speed range 30 - 1/4000
info Still image formats JPG, RAW
info LCD pixel count 1040k
info Memory card slots/type SD/SDHC/SDXC
info Height (in.) 3.6
info Depth (in.) 2.7
info Max. ISO 12800
info Live view Yes
info Image stabilizer L
info Color space Adobe RGB/sRGB
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User Reviews - Canon EOS Rebel SL1
User Reviews
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Huge step up for a point and shoot user
Decent performance/quality
High resolution
Best Uses
I've been using the SLR1 for family trips and vacations. Without question I have loved the picture quality.<br /><br />For the most common types of family activities setting the camera to auto and snapping away does the trick. Other settings are there when you are ready, but as with any SLR there is a learning curve to understand how to compose a shot.<br /><br />I have found the touch screen a wonderful bonus that I didn't even know the camera had for the first month. You can control the camera through the typical menu and select buttons or the touch screen. One very handy feature is the touch to focus. Simply compose the shot on the screen, then touch the screen. The camera focuses and adjusts exposure on that point and takes a picture.<br /><br />If you use an eyefi card the camera recognizes it automatically and shows an animation indicating the card is transmitting. You can also turn off the eyefi card in the camera settings.<br /><br />I have purchased a faster lens to get pictures in extremely low light pictures the the jail scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction at Walt Disney World which has given me excellent results. However, the kit lens has proven sufficient for 95% of my shooting needs.<br /><br />The camera autofocuses in almost all situations except in extremely low light. In that situation it tries to use the flash to assist in focusing before taking a picture. If you turn the flash off then it will struggle to focus and you could be forced to focus manually. i.e.: fireworks photography.<br /><br />I have been very impressed with:<br />1. Fireworks photography<br />2. Indoor pictures without flash<br />3. Portrait, close up shots. (portrait setting)<br /><br />I have not yet tried video recording. In fact I have not figured out how to video and am disappointed it is not more intuitive. However I am confidant a quick glance at the manual will solve this.<br /><br />My only wish was for a few more settings for special situations/scenes. For example there is a no flash setting which is handy if you don't want or can't use a flash. hover you cannot control shutter speed or aperture in the setting. However with trial and error and learning more about SLR photography I have found the camera has the capabilities to grow along with me.
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More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
(71 of 71 customers found this review helpful)
Very happy with SL1
Easy to use
High resolution
Low-light performance
Touch Screen
Best Uses
Bought SL1 to replace old Rebel xSi in May 2013 just before a trip to Europe. Huge technological step forward. Got 18-135mm STM for greater range than kit lens; still very compact. Brought 50mm 1.8 but never took 18-135 off camera - fast enough. Took 2000+ shots plus some video; few bad shots. Low light performance astonishing; even ISO 6400 in near-darkness very usable with little noise (shot entirely in JPEG). Smartphone users will find touch screen intuitive and easier than menu surfing; long-time Canon users will find customary buttons familiar. Well-balanced body comfortable in large hands. Light weight ideal to wear around neck all day. Instant availability of video; can shoot stills within. Error in CS description; unlike T5i, SL1 screen fixed, NOT swivel, fine with me. Other features lacking versus T5i: stereo microphone (SL1 is monaural) and some multi functionality of cross keys. FYI: 64G SD card was overkill for trip, used only 15G. Shot mostly in no-flash full auto mode with a little AV for focus-point and DoF control. Very happy with this camera and 18-135mm lens.
How long have you owned it:
One-to-three months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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