Canon Pixma MX922
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$89.99 - $263.64
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Summary: An all-in-one inkjet printer from Canon. It has scan and copy functions, an automatic document feeder, built-in faxing, and both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking. Works with both Windows and Mac OS.
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Type: All-in-one inkjet printers
About - Canon Pixma MX922
The Canon Pixma MX922 is an all-in-one inkjet printer with scan and copy functions, an automatic document feeder, built-in faxing, and both Wi-Fi and Ethernet networking. It works with both Windows and Mac OS. Individual cartridges for each color let you change only the ones that are empty. The capacity of the main paper tray is 250 sheets, a generous size. It also has a separate tray for snapshot-size photo paper. The printer can print directly on inkjet-printable CDs and DVDs. There's an automatic document feeder to let you copy or scan a stack of pages in one operation. The automatic document feeder can even copy or scan both sides of the pages. The printer has a medium-size 2.8-inch display screen that can preview photos to be printed from a memory card.
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Features & Specs - Canon Pixma MX922
info Built-in fax Yes
info Memory-card reader No
info LCD viewer Yes
info Individual color tanks Yes
info Can print if color empty No
info Auto-duplexing Yes
info PictBridge No
info Networking E,W
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User Reviews - Canon Pixma MX922
User Reviews
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Great Printer
Duplex Copying Scanning
Duplex Printing
Easy To Set Up
Easy To Use
Fast Operation
Great Print Quality
Ink Cost
Large Footprint
Best Uses
Dorm Room
Graphics & Charts
Home Office
Small Business
This printer was easy to set up and so far is much better than the HP multifunction printer it replaced. It prints fast and you can schedule a quiet mode for late night printing. I love the Airprint, Google Cloud Print and email printing functions. <br /><br />I like the wireless scanning feature as well. The auto duplex document feeder is great feautre that other manufacturers do not include. <br /><br />The one con is the ink cost. However I found that it does not burn through ink like some other printers I have used in the past. I know you can get refilled ink but the quality is really poor. <br /><br />Look for deals, I manged to get this printer for $ 89.99 CAD in a back to school sale at Staples.
How long have you owned it:
One-to-three months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)
Wireless fails
Easy To Set Up
Fast Operation
Great Print Quality
Scanning Feeder
Wireless Fails
Best Uses
Initially, I was very happy with this printer. I really liked the document feeder for scanning and the Canon iEPP app for the iPad. Unfortunately, the wireless connection is, at this point, useless. What started out as sporadic drops from the network is now a complete failure. Google Canon MX922 wireless fails and you will find tons of messages of other owners having the exact same problem. Clearly, this is a problem with the printer, and not with everyone's wireless router. <br /><br />It's very disappointing because outside of this, the printer is very good. Unfortunately, the wireless feature is absolutely critical for me, and it has been an utter failure.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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So far, so good
Excellent phone support
Feature Rich
Prints From All Devices
Two Media Trays
Very good print quality
Not A Handsome Printer
Best Uses
Family Printing
Background - Purchased the MX922 off of Bezos' website for a buck under one hundred in July 2014, replacing our MX860 which could no longer could be cheaply self-repaired. Switched to Canon 5 years ago after being a faithful HP person but the HP paper feeds always failed over time and their ink was expensive. With the MX860, the paper feed never failed, I liked the individual ink cartridges (by color)...we don't do too much color printing, and love the Auto Document Feeder since it is so easy to scan/copy/fax multiple pages. Thus, given all we liked about the MX860, we decided to purchase the MX922.<br /><br />I set it up yesterday so at this time I cannot provide a long term impression. But, will share some first impressions and observations.<br /><br />First and foremost - The technical phone support was simply excellent. It is free (and from what I can tell, does not expire), 10am - 10pm EST (so you can actually troubleshoot after working all day), and everyone was smart. Staff was knowledgeable, no script reading, and handled calls out of their Chesapeake location . They were truly interested in getting me up and running and did not rush me.<br />My situation was somewhat complicated - connecting our printer to the LAN while having various wireless devices print to it via Windows, AirPrint (our iPADS), and Google Cloud Print (Gmail and other). Rather than my fumbling through it all, it was just easier to call.<br /><br />So, as just mentioned (and very important), Canon supports a multitude of pathways into this printer...Windows, MAC, AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, and even Android. My entire household is enabled across all our devices! You can even email documents to your printer for printing but I have not enabled/tested this particular feature yet. Similar with Google Cloud Print, you can print to your printer from anywhere...cool and I have enabled it (though doubt I will need to use it much). As mentioned, I have the printer hard-wired to our LAN and we then print to it via our wireless network.<br /><br />The printer has all the multi-function features I was seeking - print/copy/scan/fax. I haven't really put it through its paces yet but all the basic features seem to work fine. What is nice about the copy/scanner/fax is that when working directly off of the glass, the cover can lift up a bit to accommodate thick sources such as books. You can also collect the scanned image onto a USB stick or have it saved on your PC in various file formats. Tech Support told me I can also scan into my iPAD and Android but I have not tested this.<br /><br />The printer can be a little noisy as it prepares for printing or after it ends...you hear things sliding and gears rolling. The printer does offer a quiet mode to suppress the noise but the tech told me that the printing will also be slower so I have not turned on this feature....but good to know it is there. Perhaps in future design, they would consider adding more sound insulation in the machine or just improve the overall mechanism/algorithm. <br /><br />Printer has two front paper trays which can be used at the same time - the top which can hold smaller paper such as photo paper...up to 5 x 7, I believe. The lower tray can hold various sizes including Legal. What's improved (vs. the MX860) is that the depth of the printer has shrunk since Canon was able to eliminate the rear paper feeder.<br /><br />Physical/Aesthetics - Perhaps my biggest disappointment but for my needs, function trumps beauty. My MX860 was a nice combo of silver and black (probably plastic)...a sleek design that was attractive and integrated well into our living space. The MX922 on the other hand is simply a large black plastic device which is very boring and actually feels like an intrusion. Worse, the black plastic is glossy/shiny so fingerprints stick (but perhaps those with stainless steel appliances are used to that). However, when I perused the printer shelves at the big box stores, most of the printers looked of similar materials. I need to figure out how to clean the exterior. The various function button are sunken (aligns with the casing) so perhaps that is a plus…less protrusion and maybe less dust to collect.<br /><br />So, at this point...no real regrets and the pros totally outweigh the cons. The price point seems right, the Canon quality to date has been quite good so I am hopeful, really excellent free phone support, and multi-device support. Should my experience change, I will come back and update this post.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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