Recommended portable DVD players

Last reviewed: January 2009
Portable DVD player
Toshiba SD-P91S

DVD players are moving off the home entertainment shelf. Portable units are ideal for vacations and for keeping kids entertained while driving to holiday get-togethers. For help on deciding what to look for in a portable player, check our DVD buying guide. But, we’ve found these portables would make excellent gifts:

These all have good picture quality, good sound quality from their speakers, and two headphone jacks. Battery life is at least 4 hours. The Toshiba, shown, has a 9-inch screen; the Sony's screen is 8 inches, and the LG's is 8.5 inches. All of the screens fold back for viewing in tablet mode. The LG's USB port can access photos or music from a flash drive.

  • Toshiba SD-P91S, $155
  • Sony DVP-FX820, $160
  • LG DP885, $190

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Posted: December 2008 — Consumer Reports Magazine issue: January 2009