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Type: PREPAID SERVICE: Billed in advance, without a contract
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The TracFone is part of the cell phone & service test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, U.S . cell phone carriers models like the TracFone are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

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A score of 100 means all respondents were completely satisfied; 80 would mean very satisfied, on average; 60, fairly well satisfied; 40, somewhat dissatisfied.

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Voice scores are based on the occurrence of these problems in the previous week: no service and static. These are adjusted for frequency of use.
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BEWARE! No accounting for deductions!
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There are a couple of other very important things to know about Tracfone / Safe-link:<br /><br />1] They deduct minutes for whatever use they see, which is sometimes at a roaming rate that is Much higher per minute.<br /><br />2] They WILL NOT PROVIDE ANY ACCOUNTING FOR MINUTES deducted, other than the display on the phone, which shows ONLY how many minutes remain, not how many minutes deducted by them, such as when roaming. The phones will answer at any touch when you receive a call or message alert, even if you set it to answer only with the SEND key. They provide No statement & no website access to account activity, either through the phone or internet.<br /><br />3] Their Policies ACTIVELY & DELIBERATELY PREVENT YOU from reviewing minutes deducted! They will charge you to call customer service and ask a rep to tell you what they supposedly deducted [and that's a lengthy call]. If you want to request a printout of activity, you have to do so by NOTARIZED LETTER [notaries charge] and takes at least 60 days [by which time you've forgotten what calls you made or how long they were.<br /><br />I received a Tracphone for Christmas, and did NOT get a bunch of holiday wishes calls or anything, no data use, and probably about 100 texts [@ .3 min each], yet somehow 380 minutes were deducted by 6 Jan - 12 days later!<br /><br />Avoid at all costs!
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