ReliOn Confirm (Walmart) blood glucose meter

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Summary: Calculates glucose averages. Automatic coding. Requires less than 1µL of blood for a reading. Readings in the memory can be downloaded to a PC and/or a smart device. Stores at least 360 readings. Has larger digits on the display than some of the meters. Has a larger screen than some of the meters. Takes a few seconds longer to produce a reading. Has a date and time stamp. Excellent for accuracy. Very Good for repeatability.
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The ReliOn Confirm (Walmart) is part of the Blood glucose meters test program at Consumer Reports. The ReliOn Confirm (Walmart) Blood glucose meters features and specs include Can download memory, Memory of 360 readings or more, Multi-test strip cartridge, Sets strip code automatically, Meal markers, Can convert mg/dL to mmol/L, Date and time stamp, Displays averages, Greater than 5 second test time. In our lab tests, Blood glucose meters models like the ReliOn Confirm (Walmart) are reviewed on Overall score, Repeatability, Convenience, Annual strip cost-4 tests/day ($), Accuracy. Consumer Reports subscribers share reviews of the ReliOn Confirm (Walmart) based on personal experience. The user reviews of the ReliOn Confirm (Walmart) include star ratings, pros, cons, best uses, and a bottom line review to help guide your purchasing decision of the ReliOn Confirm (Walmart).