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The ACQ Southern Yellow Pine is part of the decking test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, decking material models like the Southern Yellow Pine are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Resistance to slipping:
Resistance to slipping is amount of friction for leather and neoprene under wet and dry conditions.

Resistance to flexing:
Resistance to flexing is resistance to bending under load.

Resistance to sagging:
Resistance to sagging is resistance to permanent bending from gravity over time.
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Wood 101, what you need to know.
All 2nd Growth Trees
Grwon Sustainably in US
No Old Growth Trees used
Copper leaches
Copper toxic Marine Envir
Season Before Installing
Swells shrinks a lot
Best Uses
Landscape Projects
Residential Decking
This is decking made of Southern Yellow Pine(SYP) lumber and chemically impregnated with ACQ, a copper based wood preservative. The copper is highly toxic to marine organisms, and leaches readily, so it should Never be used for docks, bulkheads or anything anywhere near marine environments. Any doubt about this check with the USDA Forest Products Laboratory (www.FPL.FS.FED.US) the 100 year old source of everything we know about wood.<br />Without the chemical treatment the wood will decay quickly, hence the ACQ treatment. All wood Swells & Shrinks from moisture change, not temperature change. Some wood species move a lot when these moisture changes occur, like SYP, and other wood species move very little like Western Red Cedar. This is because each has a different coefficient of expansion. SYP has a high coefficient of expansion, Western Red Cedar (WRC) has a very low one. Because the wood can be purchased wet with the water borne chemicals, or Kiln Dried After it has been chemically Treated (KDAT) the consequences can be very different. All wood should be seasoned BEFORE it is installed, KDAT is seasoned in the kiln, evrything else is soaking wet. <br />Everything you DO NOT want the decking to do is caused by the Stress within the wood caused by moisture changes in the SYP exposed on the open deck, this includes: checking, splitting, warping, grain raise, cupping, twisting, splintering etc. To minimize this buy the decking KDAT and coat it on all six surfaces of each deck board with a good quality deck stain, before installing it, and never paint a wood deck. <br /><br />ACQ is a Corrosive, so use ONLY 316 Grade Stainless Steel fasteners. If possible Blind Fasten the deck so there will be NO Visible Fasteners on the deck surface when the deck is finished. This makes the deck look better, easier to maintain, and less likely to be split by fasteners over driven by the deck contractor.(see: EB Ty, Tiger Claw, Deckmaster, Deck One, etc brands of blind fastener systems for decks)<br />Boards MUST BE installed 'Bark Side Up', not Pithside up. Flatgrain lumber has a barkside and a pithside, leran which is which at the FPL website, (see the Wood Handbook)<br /><br />Clean using only mild cleaners, do the cleaning in cool weather NEVER mid Summer, use a soft brush, NEVER a Power Washer which will raise the grain at best, and tear the wood apart at worst. OXICLEAN makes an excellent deck wash, rinse well. Mild solution is all you'll need.
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