Generac 6237 generator

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Summary: This Generac small stationary generator is natural gas- or propane-powered and is rated for 7,000 (natural gas) and 8,000 (propane) watts. It has:
• electric start
• fuel shutoff
• low-oil shutoff
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Type: Small stationary generators
About - Generac 6237

The Generac 6237 is part of the generator test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, generator models like the 6237 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Power delivery:
How much wattage models delivered and how well they handled surges in power demand over various loads.

Power quality:
A generator's ability to deliver power smoothly, with consistent voltage.

Measured at 23 and 50 feet from the generator. We recommend hearing protection for standing close by the unit while it's running.
Features & Specs - Generac 6237
info Claimed output (watts) NG 7000 LPG 8000
info Fuel type LPG/NG
info Weight (lbs.) NA
info Fuel shutoff Yes
info Low-oil shutoff Yes
info Electric start Yes
info Fuel gauge No
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User Reviews - Generac 6237
User Reviews
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(11 of 12 customers found this review helpful)
Great generator
24 Help Line
Adds Value To Home
Clear directions
Easy Set Up
Good looking unit
Extra Fee For Remote Link
No Load Monitor
Best Uses
Whole house
This is a great generator. I purchased and installed this unit myself. it is easy to install. City will issue a permit for home owners to do the installation and local code office was wonderful to work with. Generator is quiet in the exercise mode. I also installed the ATS for 200 amp service. The unit will start the generator, and switch over the house without an issue. Switches back when power is restored. Unit is heavy so get a pallet jack or generator dolly to move it around. I purchased the 20kw unit. Runs the entire house, 2 zone a/c on natural gas. Highly recommend Generac products. I used to have a portable unit but the gasoline was a pain and this is much better.
How long have you owned it:
Three-to-six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
(15 of 15 customers found this review helpful)
8 year old unit has been flawless
Auto Exercise Function
Easy to maintain
Very reliable
None so far
Best Uses
247 Backup Power
I purchased a 7 KW automatic standby Guardian Plus (Model 04389-3)in 2005 and installed it (myself) in March 2006. It runs on piped-in natural gas, and powers 8 (120 Volt) circuits in my home via an automatic transfer switch that came with the unit. It has only provided power for about a total of 200 hours since that time, but ran once for 70 hours straight (24/7) during an ice storm. However, it exercises itself automatically for 15 minutes once a week. In the last 8 years, I have changed the oil/oil filter/air filter about once a year. The only other repair was about $1 to fix a broken wire connection (due to the improper way I installed it initially). And, I think I replaced the 12 volt starting battery once. That's it. It is logically laid out, and would be easy to work on (assuming it will require some repair at some point). And, if you are a do-it-yourselfer like me, you'll love their excellent diagnostic repair manual on their web site. I rarely give compliments on this type of equipment, and maybe I have just been exceptionally lucky, but I can't believe how well this thing works.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
(14 of 17 customers found this review helpful)
Poor Performance
Best Uses
Hello, I purchased an automatic Generac 8kw about 5 years ago and it does not perform as advertised. The 1st service company I hired talked me into a heater from the Generac Catalog that caught on fire the first night. It can't start automatically when it is below 10 degrees. The transfer switch had to be replaced. The starter had to be replaced. This is either a lemon or just a bad joke. I am considering going to a small claims court to get my money back. I purchased the unit at a big box in Gurnee. Would it be better if I started whining to that big corporation? Generac needs to do something for me. Generac needs to replace this lemon. I have a new and great company helping me. But even they can't offer any cures for a lemon. I am expecting some kind of response from Generac. Generac has a record of the warranty work already completed and now of course Generac has no more obligations. I try to leave massages at the Generc site and I find it amusing that a big corporation can only handle 500 characters at a time in their comment box. So I guess a paying customer, like myself, will need to send several different messages so Generac can waste even more of my time.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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