Generac 6241 generator

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Summary: This Generac large stationary generator is natural gas- or propane-powered and is rated for 13,000 (natural gas) and 14,000 watts. It has:
• electric start
• fuel shutoff
• low-oil shutoff
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Type: Large stationary generators
User Reviews
User Reviews

12 Year Experience with the Predecessor 4390-1 13KW NG
Dependable Operation
Easy Normal Maintenance
Excellent Smooth Power
Fast Automatic Start
Low maintenance cost
Observe Weekly Function
Setting Weekly Exercise
Detailed Running Data
Remote Monitoring
Best Uses
Garage Door
Lift Station Pump
Radio Tv Satellite Cable
Refrigerator And Freezer
Well Water Pump
Wifi And Cell Power
I am sorry to hear about problems with the 6241 and hope these are the exceptions and not product or warranty standards. Our experience over 12 years with the comparable Generac 13KW NG, model 4390-1, has been excellent.<br /><br />We installed the Generac 04390-1, 13KW NG as part of our home construction in 2003. Being in an area with lots of new construction and in northeast Ohio, we expect and experience power outages in all seasons. Nothing changed that over the last 12 years with several power outages each year with some lasting hours. The Generac always automatically started and stopped within specifications as did the functioning of the ATS. According to our installer we loaded the Generac to 70% capacity and through experience we added a few devices like TVs in the kitchen and basement and USB recharging plugs during extended power outages.<br /><br />During these 12 years, we have had to spend a few hundred dollars on oil changes, 3 battery replacements, a few full system check/tune-ups by authorized Generac service providers, and one repair of the starter impeller. I do a fall oil and filters change on the years where I do not have the authorized Generac service. Per the Owner's Manual and our experience, you have to pay attention to the weekly automatic start-up exercise to make sure that system is starting without lengthening cranking so it is ready when needed in addition to performing required maintenance and keeping the unit within load capacities. I suspect this applies to all of the standby generators.<br /><br />I saw one comment where someone tried to use this generator for a primary, off the grid, power source. Generac and I suspect any of the Standby Generators are NOT INTENDED for providing primary power. The Generac Owner's Manual front cover clearly states this in bold bracketed by the triangles with exclamation symbols.<br /><br />I would recommend our Generac model to anyone experiencing winter, depending on well water, with hundreds of dollars of food in refrigerator and freezer, or with health issues that are not life-support, for examples. Because of the negative reviews in this thread, I must recommend that a Generac current or potential customer make double sure they clearly understand what is covered by the warranty provisions, what maintenance and risk exposure the customer owns, and what things void the warranty. I would recommend the same be understood with any of the standby Generators.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

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17 KW Generac
Large Paperweight
Failed Product
Best Uses
Scrap Iron
I purchased a 17KW generator in 2006. Ran rough and multiple repair visits to get it to run properly. In 2014 after 8 years of nominal use(15 min per week) the rotor and stator needed to be replaced. Repairs were to be $2680 and no warranty applied. Bought a new Kohler 20KW, good riddance Generac.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

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,Gets the job done
Easy to service
No problems
Noise A Bit Loud
Best Uses
Emergency Outages
Longest comercial power outage was 5 hours. No problems with the generator.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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