Makita UC4030A chain saw

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Summary: This 16-inch, 14.5-amp, corded-electric chain saw from Makita weighs 12 lbs. It has a chain brake, a tool-free bar adjuster, and a 1-year warranty.
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Type: Corded-electric chain saws
About - Makita UC4030A

The Makita UC4030A is part of the chain saw test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, chain saw models like the UC4030A are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Cutting speed:
How fast a saw cut through a 10-inch-square oak beam.

Consists of kickback intensity, the potential for burn due to inadvertent contact with the muffler, and storage safety--how well protected the cutting chain is from accidental contact during storage.

Ease of use:
Based on engine-starting convenience (the average number of pulls to start), primer and choke location and operation, and the ease of adjusting the cutting chain’s tightness, checking and adding fluids, and accessing the air filter and spark plug.
Features & Specs - Makita UC4030A
info Chain brake Yes
info Anti-vibration No
info Tool-free chain adjuster Yes
info Translucent oil tank Yes
info Metal bucking spikes Yes
info Storage case No
info Protective sheath Yes
info Extra chain No
info Warranty (yrs.) 1
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User Reviews - Makita UC4030A
User Reviews
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works like a keeper
Comfortable to use
Solidly Built
Strong Cutting
Toolless Adjuster Works
Invisable Chain Guard
Best Uses
At Home Cordwood Process
I use my gas saw to make logs small enough to move. Once home they go through my home built firewood processor for stove lengths and splitting. The Makita is the new cutoff tool for that processor. I prefer electric power for the components of the processor because I don't want to deal with multiple gas engines in my work environment. That does not mean that I want homeowner grade tools that can't take a drop, 50 cords, or winter in an open woodshed. I've worked to death two electric saws, both of which impressed me more than the cheap junk that is available since 2001. This time it came down to Husquevarna, Stihl or Mikita. All are imports. Probably all are fine saws. I've learned to trust Japanese engineering so I went that way. What came out of the box might have what it takes to last as long as Grandad's all metal Craftsman electric. That was about 35 years for me, twelve of those with wood heat.<br /> I had thought my Poulan cut well with a fresh filing, but this makes it look wimpy. Chain speed is up maybe a third from the Poulan E-200. If this is the saw with the low cut speed as it's poorest feature, I would be quite gratified to see what constitutes a fast cutting saw. Guess I should have updated sooner.<br /> There are reviews online that indicate that both this and the Husky have owners fooled into thinking the oilers are not working. I think what has happened is that hydrocarbon emissions are effecting a rethink of chain oilers too. It is working. It is scary how slowly the tank gets used, but it does go down and the bar doesn't fry. You can forget testing operation by spraying fling-off onto a dry surface. You wont be leaving a gallon of ground water pollutant sprayed over the land in the course of the season, either. (Husky even offers biodegradable chain oil now) The Makita now gets synthetic chain oil instead of the cheapo for the others, but it costs less per cord. <br /> The closest thing I have to a gripe about this saw is that they used Corporate Black for the bar cover. I know that orange and yellow have been done, but could we please have something a bit more visible. It is lost inside my woodshed. Within two paces of the splitter. Again.
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One-to-three months
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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