John Deere X300 lawn tractor

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Summary: This 42-inch John Deere lawn tractor comes with a 2-cylinder Kawaski engine with an automatic drive system and electric PTO. It includes a comfortable high-back seat and a washout port.
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Recall notice
In September 2011, the recall of 36,500 John Deere lawn tractors, including model numbers X300 and X304, was announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission because the cooling fan installed on top of the front-mounted Kawasaki engine can break. If so, the engine can overheat, causing the surrounding plastic to melt, thus creating the risk of fire and injury. See the CPSC recall notice for more details.
About - John Deere X300

The John Deere X300 is part of the lawn mower & tractor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, lawn tractor models like the X300 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Side discharging:
A combination of evenness, which is how close the tractor or rider came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how evenly clippings were dispersed from the side-discharge chute.

Reflects a combination of evenness, which is how close the tractor or rider came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how completely the mower distributed its clippings over the lawn's surface.

Denotes a combination of evenness, which is how close the tractor or rider came to even, carpet-like mowing, and a measurement of the effective capacity of the grass bag, determined when the bag was full or when the chute clogged and stopped collecting clippings.
About This Brand

John Deere makes and markets one of the best-selling lines of lawn tractors at retail. John Deere lawn tractors are fully featured and have deck widths from 42 to 54 inches. Most models have hydrostatic drive and Briggs & Stratton engines. John Deere lawn tractors are sold at dealers, Home Depot, and Lowe's. The company markets a small line of three very similar lawn mowers through dealers and at Lowe's. Those mowers are also available in a California-emissions version. All models feature rear-wheel drive, a 21-inch, and a Briggs & Stratton engine and are priced from $400. John Deere also markets a line of garden tractors and zero-turn riders.

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Features & Specs - John Deere X300
info Deck size (in.) 42
info Engine power (hp) 18.5
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User Reviews - John Deere X300
User Reviews
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x304 mower great, transmission the worst
Adjustable Cut-Lengths
Drives Great
Easy to Push & Steer
Runs Great
Small turning radius
Fails On Hilly Property
Transmission Weak
Best Uses
Large Lawns
Mowing Flat Ground
I love this mower. I've had it for 6+ years, and it has served me well on 1 acre hilly ground, except for the transmission. I upgraded to this x304 from an LT155 (JD) thinking it would be great for years. at 148 hours (and about 50 months ownership) the transmission had failed. I worked a deal with JD to replace the tranny which they did at minimum cost to me. Within 75 hours later, the tranny was again failing. I rebuilt the tranny again last spring, and it worked great last year, but it feels like I need to be very conservative to keep it going. The most irritating thing to me is that I used my LT155 mower on the same property for 11 years with no issues. I will keep this mower running for 5 or so more years, (rebuild the tranny again?) but I would not suggest this is a great mower for hilly property, and will find something with a tranny that will do the job!
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
I would reccommend this product and buy again
Adjustable Cut-Lengths
Concise Owners Manual
Ease Of Fueling
Quick Starts
Simple To Operate
Smooth Ride
Turning radius
Failed Bearing At 10 Hrs
Loose Steering Gear
Low Fuel Light Fail
No Fuel Gauge
Best Uses
Large Lawns
Light Hauling Trailer
Researched showed the X300 to be a best buy and never had issues with CR best buys in the past. I researched the local dealers as well and found a responsive and trustworthy dealer and purchased the X300. Once delivered, I was pleased with the ease of use, quick starting, and perfect cuts in thick Saint Augustine grass with plenty of power to spare from the 18 HP Kawasaki engine. I have 2.5 acres to mow with small slopes on the fringes of the property, but otherwise level ground. It takes about 45 minutes to cover the area and produces beautiful results. The only complaint I have is the mesh between the steering shaft gear and the tie rod gear creates an excessive amount of play in the steering wheel, so you have to work had to maintain straight lines on long passes. I purchased the optional mulch kit and installed it myself. The easy of the mowing deck removal was impressive and the thought of rotating the anti-scalp wheels to facilitate mower deck removal was what I expected from JD. During the previous use, I noted a bearing noise and with the deck and belts removed, I noted that the one of the blade bearings made a grinding noise when spun. Upon removal, it appeared the factory forgot to lube the bearing during assembly, so I suggest any new owners to lube all grease fittings upon delivery or request the dealer so for you. I made a video of turning the pulleys one at a time and sent this video to my dealer. He dropped shipped a new blade bearing assembly to my house and since the deck was already removed and it was only an additional 4 bolts to installed it myself. I had the option to install it myself or paying a transportation fee and waiting for the repairs. Either way the dealer was able to replace the part under warranty. I have also noted the low fuel light does not work at all and since there is not fuel gauge I have had a few unexpected out of gas experiences. The tank is opaque so it is a matter of checking the level from behind the machine before mowing or topping off the tank after each use.
How long have you owned it:
One-to-three months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Tractor Good, Mower Deck needs improvement
Best Uses
The mower deck needs to be engineered in a thicker gauge metal. I have fatigue cracks propagating from where the spindles are mounted onto the deck. This causes uneven cutting and even caused the stud where the blade attached on one spindle to shear off. Now, granted I live in a rocky area and tend to hit rocks here and there, but this is should be a robust product from John Deere.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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