John Deere Z255 lawn tractor

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Summary: This 48-inch John Deere zero-turn-radius rider has a 2-cylinder Briggs & Stratton engine with an automatic drive system and electric PTO. It includes a comfortable high-back seat and a washout port.
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Type: Lawn tractors ZTR
About - John Deere Z255

The John Deere Z255 is part of the lawn mower & tractor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, lawn tractor models like the Z255 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Side discharging:
A combination of evenness, which is how close the tractor or rider came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how evenly clippings were dispersed from the side-discharge chute.

Reflects a combination of evenness, which is how close the tractor or rider came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how completely the mower distributed its clippings over the lawn's surface.

Denotes a combination of evenness, which is how close the tractor or rider came to even, carpet-like mowing, and a measurement of the effective capacity of the grass bag, determined when the bag was full or when the chute clogged and stopped collecting clippings.
About This Brand

John Deere makes and markets one of the best-selling lines of lawn tractors at retail. John Deere lawn tractors are fully featured and have deck widths from 42 to 54 inches. Most models have hydrostatic drive and Briggs & Stratton engines. John Deere lawn tractors are sold at dealers, Home Depot, and Lowe's. The company markets a small line of three very similar lawn mowers through dealers and at Lowe's. Those mowers are also available in a California-emissions version. All models feature rear-wheel drive, a 21-inch, and a Briggs & Stratton engine and are priced from $400. John Deere also markets a line of garden tractors and zero-turn riders.

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Features & Specs - John Deere Z255
info Deck size (in.) 48
info Engine power (hp) 22.0
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User Reviews - John Deere Z255
User Reviews
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Great product once JD manned up to thier design flaw.
A Pleasure To Use
Great Manuverabillity
Slight Learning Curve
Best Uses
Large Lawns
Mower was leaving a stripe of uncut grass on the discharge side of the mower deck due to the front caster pushing the grass down in front of the deck along with the lack of blade lift due to the discharge opening. JD was reluctant to own up to the fact that they had a design flaw with this Z mower. After a summer of cleaning the mower deck and checking the forward pitch of the deck etc. as per JD, I found out that JD made a replacement right hand frame rail that moves the right front caster out of the cutting zone which totally eliminates the striping on the discharge side. This retrofit works. The hardist part is trying to get JD to replace the orignal rail.
How long have you owned it:
Three-to-six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
John Deere Z255 Zero Turn Lawnmore
Adjustable Cut-Lengths
Easy to Push & Steer
Ergonomic Grips
Cuts Unevenly
Leaves 2 Grass Lines
Best Uses
Small Lawns
I use the product on a residential lawn. Maneuverability and functionality is great. Two problems I've had is when cutting high grass, the lawnmore leaves a streak of 2 grass strips as if the blades miss. I have to cut over the area twice to cut the streaks-very problematic. I've sharpened and replaced the blades, but, no difference. This is a design problem that need to be corrected. Also, there is a bar that holds up the front part of the deck that keeps coming out and causes the front part of the deck to drag the ground and destroy the lawn. I've ordered a new bar to see how long it will last.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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