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Snapper SP80 12AVB27W
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Summary: This Snapper 21-inch, self-propelled mower has multiple speeds and front-wheel drive. It has high rear wheels.
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Type: Gas multiple speeds self-propelled mower
About - Snapper SP80 12AVB27W

The Snapper SP80 12AVB27W is part of the lawn mower & tractor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, self propelled mower models like the SP80 12AVB27W are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Reflects a combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how completely the mower distributed its clippings over the lawn's surface.

Denotes a combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how much clippings the bag held before it filled or the chute clogged.

Side discharging:
A combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how evenly clippings were dispersed from the side-discharge chute.
About This Brand

Briggs & Stratton, one of the top engine makers, has moved into marketing mowers, tractors, and zero-turn riders by acquiring Snapper and Simplicity and introducing mowers and tractors under the Briggs & Stratton name. Although new to the market, the Briggs & Stratton lines appear to be aimed at the value segment at retail. Snapper and Simplicity are dealer brands and are premium-priced compared to products found in most home centers and Sears.

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Features & Specs - Snapper SP80 12AVB27W
info Forward speeds Variable
info Drive wheels front
info Deck size (in.) 21
info Engine size 190
info Engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
info Electric start No
info Blade brake clutch No
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User Reviews - Snapper SP80 12AVB27W
User Reviews
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Snapper SP80 Self Propelled Lawn Mower
3 N1
Deck Wash
Overall Light Weight
Varible Speed
Bag Tilted A Little
No Oil drain plug
Best Uses
Half Acre Easy
Mow Around Obstacles
Others have commented that this mower either starts well or is a dud right out of the box. Mine starts well and the varible speed is great, has the 3 N 1 feature for collecting leaves or clippings and plenty of power,also is quite light and can be pushed easily and has a quiet muffle system. The only con I have is there is not an oil drain plug in the bottom you have to tip it on its side and use the oil fill tube as a drain. Quality and price are good and it will travel fast enough for anyone's pace. I'm 51 and have owned a few mowers and I believe this will be a good one.
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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