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Toro Recycler 20332
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Summary: This Toro 22-inch, self-propelled mower has multiple speeds and rear-wheel drive.
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Type: Gas multiple speeds self-propelled mower
About - Toro Recycler 20332

The Toro Recycler 20332 is part of the lawn mower & tractor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, self propelled mower models like the Recycler 20332 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Reflects a combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how completely the mower distributed its clippings over the lawn's surface.

Denotes a combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how much clippings the bag held before it filled or the chute clogged.

Side discharging:
A combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how evenly clippings were dispersed from the side-discharge chute.
About This Brand

Toro makes and markets lawn mowers and zero-turn riders under the Toro and Lawn Boy names. The Toro and Lawn Boy brands are considered premium. Most Toro and Lawn Boy lawn mowers are self-propelled, fully featured, and have Briggs & Stratton and Honda engines. Some models in the line comply with California emissions. Toro and Lawn Boy mowers are sold through dealers and at Home Depot. Toro also markets a line of lawn tractors made by MTD.

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Features & Specs - Toro Recycler 20332
info Forward speeds Variable
info Drive wheels rear
info Deck size (in.) 22
info Engine size 190
info Engine manufacturer Briggs & Stratton
info Electric start No
info Blade brake clutch No
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User Reviews - Toro Recycler 20332
User Reviews
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Keep the receipt #2
Easy to Push & Steer
Best Uses
Small Lawns
Won't restart right away. I mow for 25 minutes, stop for some reason. I come back and it won't restart. Happened several times. One has to wait some indeterminate amount of time, then it will restart so the GTS/Guaranteed to start feature did not hold. My old Toro GTS owned 9 years did start after one pull and on a rare occasion two pulls. So I took this one back as it was under 30 days-lucky me! I have read similar comments on start issue at website where I bought it. Otherwise when it ran it worked well enough for my 12,000 SF yard.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
Keep your receipt!
Adjustable Cut-Lengths
Easy start
Easy to Push & Steer
Hard to back up
Best Uses
Small Lawns
I purchased this toro at home depot, assembled it and mowed the front yard, stopped for a cold beer and a phone call. Come time to start the mower to mow the backyard it failed. It would idle that puter out. I replaced it that day it failed. The new one works great. It is such a bummer to waste time on a lemon mower, I hope the replacement mower will take care of my lawns for a long time.
How long have you owned it:
One-to-three months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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3rd Time is not a charm
Parts Are Easy To Order
Belt Slips Off Pulley
Design Flaws
Drive Wheel Gears Strip
Transmission Fails
Best Uses
For Sale Hangs On Handle
This is our third Toro 20332. All three have the similar flaws. I thought the third time would be a charm...I was incorrect. Okay, if you have tools and like to work on lawn mowers as often as you mow, than this mower is for you! I, however, have given up. Fixin things is a hobby for me and I have significant mechanical skills, however, I am simply annoyed with the effort required to keep mower working and the insult that a product fails as often as it is used.. I have used all three on the same lawn that is 5000 square feet with a slight hill (three feet rise) in one section. Other than the small incline this mower has been used on lawn that is 90 percent flat. I have replaced the transmission in this mower twice, the rear wheels once, the rear debris deflector once (the blade cuts the deflector when the mower is pulled backwards...ugg.) and the wash out fitting once. Okay, my friend has a turf farm and he uses Toro equipment. Consumer Reports indicates this is a best buy. I gave both sources the benefit of the doubt but chalking up the first two disappointments to having bad luck....Nope. This is a poorly designed product. Thanks for listening, I hope my thoughts are perceived as calm and reasoned. If you have a mower that is reliable...I am interested...
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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