Little Wonder LB160H leaf blower

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Summary: This Little Wonder 160-cc, wheeled leaf blower is gasoline-powered and weighs 117 lbs. It comes with a 5-year warranty.
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Type: Gasoline wheeled blowers
About - Little Wonder LB160H
Sweeping: Indicates the speed of moving a pile of leaves.
Loosening: Indicates the speed of removing embedded leaf particles from the lawn.
Vacuuming: Reflects how quickly and effectively models with vacuum capability pick up leaves and how finely they are mulched.
Handling and ease of use: Includes ease of maneuvering, using controls, and changing modes.
Noise at ear: Blower-mode noise is based on our measurements at the operator’s ear level. Models rated Fair or Poor at ear level emitted at least 85 dBA, loud enough to warrant hearing protection.
Noise at 50 feet: Blower-mode noise is based on industry-standard measurements at 50 feet. Models rated Very Good or Excellent at 50 feet should meet common municipal limits of 65 decibels (dBA).
Features & Specs - Little Wonder LB160H
info Weight (lbs.) 117.0
info cc/amp 160-cc
info Multiple speeds Yes
info Vacuum capability No
info Translucent fuel tank No
info Spring assisted starting No
info Four-cycle engine Yes
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User Reviews - Little Wonder LB160H
User Reviews
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This a small Blower among Little Wonder machines
Easy to Use
Unknown Brand Engine
Useless In Snow
Best Uses
Blowing Leaves
Just so you are aware, because CR does not mention it, The Little Wonder Brand makes much larger machines as well, some come with a self propelled drive, some with Honda and Subaru Engines, and if you need that kind of Power as I do, you will love those bigger more powerful Blowers. I have owned a 9 Horsepower (270CC) Honda engine powered model for 15 years, so the one CR tested here is only 160CC, maybe 5 HP tops. My 15 year old machine is still available for around $ 1300.00 More if you need self propelled. But they do the work easily, and they need minimal maintenance, and they last if you keep them clean and dry.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
15 year old Little Wonder 9 HP Blower
Extra- Heavy Leaf Remov
Saves Time
Wet Leavesno Problem
Worth the price
Muscles Required
Useless In Snow
Best Uses
Heavy Duty Leaf Remover
Wet Leaf Removal
I have 2 acres with many huge Oak trees (think twice the height of the utility poles along the road) Fall Leaf accumulation, even with this extraordinarily powerful blower is something requiring prior planning. You blow the leaves once a week once they start coming down. I have too many to bag, cart, I just blow them off onto the woods in back of the property away from the house & Barn. <br /><br />I use a handheld corded blower up near the wall of the house, or in confined areas of shrubs etc. If the leaves blow under the cars, I use this to blow them out and away, just make sure you don't sand blast the car with it. <br /><br />I am 65+ 5'11& 212 lb, I am a tad sore by the days end, but a smaller person would need to know the weight they can push, this is NOT self Propelled. <br /><br />My Neighbor uses a small backpack gas blower, I have loaned him the Little Wonder when he seems too tired to keep up. This machine saves time, no handheld or backpack machine comes close to the power of this machine.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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