Ariens 921022 Snow blower

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Summary: This 30-inch two-stage model includes electric start, a headlight, and single-handle controls, though you'll have to pay more for its pricier sibling for heated handgrips.
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Type: Two-stage gas snow blowers
About - Ariens 921022

The Ariens 921022 is part of the snow blower test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, snow blower models like the 921022 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Width (in.):
The clearing width, or swath, in inches.

Removal speed:
Removal speed is how quickly models could remove snow without laboring; single-stage machines were pushed as quickly as possible before the machine labored.

Plow pile removal:
How fast the snow thrower can remove a simulated pile of snow left by a municipal plow at the end of a driveway.
About This Brand

Ariens' snow blowers are available at outdoor power equipment dealers and Home Depot. It's a leading marketer whose model line consists of single- and two-stage gas models with available electric start and snow clearing widths of 22 to 26 inches.

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Features & Specs - Ariens 921022
info Engine size 250cc
info Electric start Yes
info Multiple speeds Yes
info Single hand controls Yes
info Freewheel steering Yes
info Single lever chute adjustment No
info Headlight Yes
info Heated handgrips No
info Warranty (yrs.) 3
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User Reviews - Ariens 921022
User Reviews
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Best Uses
Easy start and good at clearing snow when I can keep it running. It has had an engine or carb problem each year and required maintenance - difficult to get Ariens to cover under warranty. I will not buy another.
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More than six months
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No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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Solid snow blower and reasonably priced
Electric start
Heated Grips
Well Built
Best Uses
Plow Piles
I have a long hilly driveway with lots of area so I get plowed out, but that still leaves substantial plow piles in key areas that I need to move. I got this blower for this purpose and so far it easily handles the heavy condensed snow. No major gripes so far. I can easily pull start it in one or two pulls, but my wife can't get quite the zip on the cord so the electric start option is great.<br /><br />No major gripes so far. It is loud, but every gas snow blower is. Wear protection. Another review was unhappy with the light, and so far I have no had that issue. If the blower is tilted back far, it can be a little bright for the operator, but for most positions it seems to work well.<br /><br />All in all it seems like a well designed and manufactured machine. Lots of metal, only plastic in uncritical locations. So far I have no reason to give it anything but 5 stars.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
(12 of 12 customers found this review helpful)
2012 Ariens Deluxe 28
Clears to the Pavement
Throws Far
Best Uses
2012 Ariens Deluxe 28/250cc Briggs & Stratton Polar Force engine<br />Must admit I had great reservations trading in my 1971, 5 hp. 24Ariens<br />We had battled many snow storms together going back to when I was <br />a 15 year old kid. I inherited the unit when my parents sold the house.<br />I took delivery of the Deluxe the morning we here in Montreal we hit <br />with the worst storm we have seen since 1971 odd coincidence 45 cm.<br />had fallen in less than 24 hours. So after 2 full days of using this brut<br />here are my thoughts. I'm so very impressed by it's power and ease of<br />operation. I bought the 921027 Deluxe because my local dealer had sold<br />out of the 921022 and offered it at the same price. Glad I have it because<br />the better tires make cutting a path to my wood pile in the back yard<br />a breeze not to mention the heated grips etc. I found by the second day<br />rotating the chute was getting harder but after a few shots of WD40 and <br />a little chain lube in the gear mechanism it made it easier then ever.<br />The one thing I highly recommend is to follow the book and change the <br />Engine Oil after the first 5 hours. I did and I couldn't believe how gray,<br />milky and thin it was. I plan to change it again in another 5 hours.<br />For what it costs and the five minutes it takes why not. <br />This unit feels and runs so well I can't understand why people go and <br />spend three times more on a Honda.. <br /><br />What sold me was Ariens hasn't changed much from the original design<br />and there are many 50 year old machines still blowing snow as we write.<br />Why change something that works so well. Hope this helps you decide.<br />Derek, Montreal. Canada
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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