Ariens AX254 921030 Snow blower

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Summary: This 28-inch, two-stage Ariens has an automotive-style steering system that allow the inner wheel to turn more slowly than the outer one in a turn. Electric start and a headlight are part of the package.
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Type: Two-stage gas snow blowers
About - Ariens AX254 921030

The Ariens AX254 921030 is part of the snow blower test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, snow blower models like the AX254 921030 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Width (in.):
The clearing width, or swath, in inches.

Removal speed:
Removal speed is how quickly models could remove snow without laboring; single-stage machines were pushed as quickly as possible before the machine labored.

Plow pile removal:
How fast the snow thrower can remove a simulated pile of snow left by a municipal plow at the end of a driveway.
About This Brand

Ariens' snow blowers are available at outdoor power equipment dealers and Home Depot. It's a leading marketer whose model line consists of single- and two-stage gas models with available electric start and snow clearing widths of 22 to 26 inches.

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Features & Specs - Ariens AX254 921030
info Engine size 254cc
info Electric start Yes
info Multiple speeds Yes
info Single hand controls Yes
info Freewheel steering Yes
info Single lever chute adjustment No
info Headlight Yes
info Heated handgrips No
info Warranty (yrs.) 3
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User Reviews - Ariens AX254 921030
User Reviews
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Powerful and well-built, but not perfect
Eats Through Snow Banks
Throws Far
Tire Tracktion Excellent
Doesn't Always Track Straight
Heavy Front
Best Uses
Smooth Surfaces
This review is for model 921037 Ariens Deluxe 28 Plus Sno Thro, which is the same as 921030 but with a slightly bigger engine.<br />I did a lot of research before buying this machine. Second runner-up was the Craftsman with electronic joystick chute control, however that only came in 30 which is too wide for my garage door and fence gates openings.<br />The Ariens Deluxe 28 has many great features. The stand-out feature is of course Auto-Turn. This generally works as claimed, but I've concluded that it's highly dependent upon the surface being cleared. Uneven pavement, cracked asphalt, cement sidewalk gaps, will cause the machine to frequently waver off course when trying to go in a straight line. Ariens has apparently received a lot of complaints about Auto-Turn because they created a YouTube video showing how to properly align the bucket to the frame, and then the skid height. These are things I would expect a reputable dealer to prep before selling it, but it may also be something that needs to be revisited at least once per season. Bottom line? Yes, it's much easier to turn because of Auto-Turn. However, it may also be more difficult to keep in a straight line. At times I miss the trigger steer of my previous Craftsman. <br />The metal chute and throwing power are among the best available at this price point. I only wish the controls for aiming were laid out better. This model has the drive control handle on the LEFT, which means that to adjust the chute aim while moving, you need to reach across with your right hand, which is a bit awkward. Perhaps Ariens will add joystick control at some point.<br />The tires are absolutely great, with deep treads and a tall stance that rarely gets stuck.<br />There is a nice spring-tension adjustment nut under the chute control gear, which allows very fine-tuned control of how difficult it is to turn the chute. One small improvement by Ariens that could make this even better would be to replace the nut with a larger, tool-less hand knob, which would be easier to adjust in the field.<br />This Ariens is heavy, and also front-heavy. That is to say, it's not effortless to pivot the unit back on its wheels. This has a beneficial effect of more weight on the front, so the bucket does not ride up onto snow as much. The downside is that the skids and scraper bar will wear out a lot faster. I recommend buying extras of both to keep on hand. Even better, replace the steel skids with the Poly Skids that Ariens sells. They'll wear our even faster, but they don't mar the surface and they help improve the Auto-Turn skittishness a bit.<br />Overall a great snow thrower with impressive throwing power and many great features. Still some room for improvement.
How long have you owned it:
One-to-three months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Very Happy
Handles wet snow
Throws Far
Best Uses
Was dropped off the truck last night at 6PM by Outdoor Power of Clay NY. We have had 11 inches of heavy wet snow and my old Toro was about to die. This machine cut through the wet snow like a hot knife through butter. Used it again today to clear the 2 feet of snow that the plow leaves at the end of the driveway. Again, no clogging and cleared that wet snow beautifully. My neighbor's John Deere was giving her a problem....this snow blower cleared what the John Deere could not. Love this snow blower!!
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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&quot;Does every thing they promised!&quot; --
Adjustable Skids Are Easy
Clears to the Pavement
Electric start
Extremely Fuel Efficient
Handles Wet Snow Wease
Low Idle Speed
No Impeller Kit Needed
Powerful Motor-ariens Ax-
Starts on first pull
Throws All Snow 50 Feet
Throws Far
Wont Plug On Wet Snow
Best Uses
Large Patios
Long sidewalks
Neighbors Drive Lol
Nieghbors Drive
Others Neighbors Drive
Path For Mailman
-to Blow
Wide Long Drives
You Will Look For Snow
I got sick of shoveling my drive. I get four foot drifts to the side halfway through the year. I bought this snow blower to clear my drive and yard to control the drifting. I have a vacant lot across the street so I now can clear the drive by getting up early and blowing the snow across the street. Most times the snow is drifted in and as high as the intake chute. This unit is loud, but its worth it. The Ariens AX motor is impressive. I wish I had bought the drift cutters. Tire chains will improve traction. I am away from home most of the time and my wife can handle the snow machine with ease but states It is heavy and difficult to maneuver out of one car garage. and needs the instruction manual to start it (lol). But after that it is easy for her to use. I know now that I should have bought the 26 version, but I do not regret getting this one at all.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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