Technical Service Bulletins
Below, we highlight several key 'hidden' protections you may not be aware of, discovered through service campaigns and technical service bulletins. TSBs highlight common potential problems with models and provide corrective measures to dealerships. The items flagged below are of particular note, indicating a potential risk, and a potential correction, should you experience the specific issue. In some cases, an extended warranty may offer additional protection for a particular at-risk component.

Range Rover Evoque

Redesign year 2012


There is one recall and three service campaigns of note:

2012 models were recalled to inspect/replace a rear brake caliper bolt (P029).

2012-13 models have a service campaign to install an air cooler grille kit and venturi tube, and update software in order to prevent water intrusion into the engine, which causes a misfire (Q255).

2013-14 models have a service campaign to update software to prevent the transmission control switch from failing to rise (Q355).

2014 models have a service campaign to re-tighten the front lower control arm (Q382)

Service bulletins

2012-13 models may need the core plugs in the cylinder head resealed if there’s unexplained low engine coolant level issues (LTB00502).

2012-14 models might need an updated rear tail lamp if there is condensation on the inner surface of the lens (LTB00616).