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August 2010 Ratings

Mops that melt dirt?

Last reviewed: August 2010

The 1 H2O Mop, $100, was one of the best steam mops for removing dried splotches of ketchup, mustard, powdered baby cereal, olive oil, pancake syrup, and other gunk from a vinyl floor. Except for the mustard stains, much of the dirt was removed. It heated water to a steam quickly and steamed for about 20 minutes, longer than some of the models we tested.

The 2 Eureka, $70, a CR Best Buy, cleaned as well and steamed as long as the H2O. But it wasn't as convenient and it left behind more water.

Steam and water could be a problem for any wood floors, and might void the warranty, so check with your manufacturer. For all of the mops, when there's a large amount of soil, more gets pushed out of the way than picked up by the pad.

Bottom line

The two steam mops cited above were very good overall; the others were mediocre. A $15 squeeze mop proved comparable, if not better, at floor cleaning. You will need a lot of elbow grease and a bucket of hot water.