Grease Bullet

Last reviewed: February 2010

The claim

"Just fill your sink with hot water, drop in the Grease Bullet, and soak your toughest baked-on cookware," the Web site says. "No more scrubbing!"

The check

We tested it on glass, ceramic, stainless-steel, aluminum, and porcelain-coated cookware in which we had baked a thin layer of beef broth and a smear of what we call monster mash—an evil mix of cherry pie filling, tomato purée, egg yolks, lard, and cheese. We also used it on cookware in which we'd cooked chicken and beef and overcooked mac and cheese.

Bottom line

The Bullet is no bull's-eye, but it could be worth a shot. It did a reasonable job with most residues if the cookware soaked for the recommended half-hour. Longer soaking generally helped. But soaking cookware overnight in hot water and dish detergent would also aid cleanup, and you wouldn't have to pay $10 for 12 Bullets.