Last reviewed: February 2010

The claim

"The Snuggie Blanket keeps you totally warm," says a video on the Web site. "It's made of ultrasoft thick luxurious fleece" and is "perfect for men, women, and children." Two cost—you guessed it—$19.95.

The check

We put Snuggies through 10 wash-and-dry cycles and asked 11 staffers to wear them and comment.

Bottom line

The Snuggie was so far from snug that many staffers had trouble walking, and smaller people found its sleeves too long. Several said it left their backside uncovered, though it kept other body parts toasty. When washed, it sheds. Each time we laundered two Snuggies, we removed a sandwich bag's worth of lint from the dryer screen. After 10 cycles, the fabric had bare spots between pills and clumps.