Levels of contamination

Last reviewed: January 2010

Below, the percentages of broilers that tested positive for campylobacter, salmonella, or neither (clean). We analyzed 70 chickens from each major brand, 66 from nonorganic store brands, 62 from organic name brands, and 44 from organic store brands. Figures are averages for store brands (both organic and nonorganic) and for organic name brands. Totals may exceed 100 percent because some broilers harbored both pathogens.

Contamination chart for chicken broken into brands
 AJ's, Acme, Albertsons, America's Choice, Diebergs, Earth Fare, Fiesta, Fresh & Easy, Giant, Giant Eagle, Harris Teeter, Harry's, Hill Country Fare, Jewel, King Sooper, Kroger Value, Market Pantry, Nature's Promise, Publix, Roundy's, Safeway, Schnucks, Shaws, Shop 'n Save, Sweetbay, Tops, Wegmans, White Gem, Wild Harvest, Whole Foods.
 Bell & Evans, Coastal Range, Coleman, D'Artagnan, Eberly's, MBA Brand Smart Chicken, Mary's, Pollo Rosso, Rosie.
 Central Market HEB, O Organics (Safeway), Pacific Village (New Seasons), Private Selection Organic Fred Meyer, Private Selection Organic King Sooper, Private Selection Organic Kroger, Trader Joe's, Wegmans, Whole Foods.