Luxury cars

Recast Infiniti M37 holds onto its lead

Last reviewed: November 2010

A redesign has served the Infiniti M37 (available to subscribers) well, and it remains our top-rated midsized luxury car. Much like the previous M, the new car delivers, with a combination of performance, comfort, and luxury.

The recently redesigned BMW 5 Series (available to subscribers) is also luxurious and quick, as well as surprisingly fuel efficient, but it has lost some of its agility. And many of its controls remain confusing.

We also purchased a Hyundai Genesis V8 (available to subscribers) for comparison. We tested the V6 version last year but wanted to see how the eight-cylinder model compares with the more established luxury brands. The Genesis is definitely the bargain of the group, costing thousands less than any of its V6-powered competitors, but it falls slightly short in refinement.

Prices range from $43,800 for the Genesis to $58,375 for the 535i. The Genesis is recommended because of its average reliability record. Based on the above-average reliability of its previous incarnation, the Infiniti M is also recommended. The redesigned BMW 5 Series is too new to the market for us to have reliability data.

What else is new?

Newcomers include a diesel version of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and hybrid version of the Infiniti M, due for 2012. A redesign of the Lexus GS is in the offing.

Used-car alternatives

You can save or get more for your money by buying used. These luxury sedans offer a good mix of room, comfort, and performance. All vehicles have proven to be reliable for the model years shown. The pricing shown assumes that the vehicles are in good condition and have reasonable mileage.

Model Current value
2008 Infiniti M35x (AWD) $30,175
2008 Mercedes-Benz E350 31,250
2008 BMW 528i 28,650
2008 Lexus LS 460 43,450