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Last reviewed: November 2010
A picture-tube TV that used HD format

November 2004

HDTV was hitting the mainstream with falling prices and enough programming to make it worth the switch to high-definition. All you had to do was find the right set for your home. The best deals were in picture-tube TVs that used the HD format. They cost $550 to $1,500 for 26- to 36-inch screens. But some of those sets weighed more than 100 pounds. LCD and plasma TVs weighed much less but cost thousands more.

In quotes

“Even though trendy flat panels and big screens are hogging the headlines, plain old picture-tube TVs display the most realistic detail and clarity, whether you’re watching standard TV programs, DVD movies, or HD programming.”


November 1975

Kryptonite bicycle lock

Bicycle locks left a lot to be desired in our tests, which used such technical methods as smashing, cutting, and prying. Our testers judged that those probably would be the methods employed by a thief to dislodge a bike from a tethered post.

In quotes

“Our tests found that some of the largest chains succumbed to the crudest of assaults, and smaller chains could be cut with hand pliers. The best of the locks was a steel shackle made by Kryptonite, which we said should keep a thief working hard for 10 minutes or more.”