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New hybrids, from sporty to luxurious
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New hybrids, from sporty to luxurious

Last reviewed: October 2010
Lexus 200h
Lexus 200h
Honda CR-Z
Honda CR-Z

Of several new hybrid models, the Honda CR-Z and Lexus CT 200h are the only dedicated hybrids, with no conventional counterparts.

The CR-Z, now on sale, is a small two-seater for buyers who want sporty looks with their fuel economy. But an early drive shows that it's not that sporty to drive or very fuel efficient for a hybrid. Pricing starts at $19,200.

The 200h, expected in early 2011, is a premium compact hatchback that's about the size of an Audi A3. Its hybrid powertrain is similar to the Prius', but it's based on a Toyota Corolla version sold in other countries. Pricing is expected to start around $30,000.

Other hybrids on the horizon include:

Model On sale
Hyundai Sonata late 2010
Kia Optima early 2011
Lincoln MKZ fall 2010
Porsche Cayenne fall 2010
Volkswagen Jetta late 2011
Volkswagen Touareg early 2011