Don't get mad, get social

Last reviewed: August 2011
Illustration of a man reaching out through his social media networking
Illustration by Getty Images

Social media tools have become some of the best ways to get a manufacturer's attention. More companies have started using monitoring software to scan Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the like. So there's a good chance they'll pick up your complaint (or praise, for that matter, should you broadcast a positive experience). Just ask Adam Fort of Baltimore, who told The Consumerist that after he posted comments on his Facebook page about his dead Whirlpool oven, he received a message from a customer-service representative for the manufacturer. "Even though the unit was not within its warranty period, [the representative] agreed to split the costs of both the parts and the labor," he wrote. Direct e-mail can also do the trick, as it did for the Koeppel family of Los Angeles, who wrote the CEO of Home Depot about their dysfunctional LG dishwasher. Within 12 hours Home Depot responded, saying it would replace the dishwasher free.