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Does this paint cover best?

Last reviewed: February 2011
Valspar paint
Hiding talent
An ad shows Valspar premium paint besting a competitor, but we found that a comparable Behr paint covered stripes equally well.

The claim

Valspar Signature Colors with Hi-Def Advanced Color System is "paint and primer in one product," with an "ultimate hiding formula." Ads (see on right) show the hiding power of Valspar vs. a "leading competitor." The paint cost us $32 a gallon and is sold only at Lowe's.

The check

We took charts we use in our paint tests, with stripes from light gray to pitch black, and rolled a coat of four different red paints over them. We used Valspar Signature Colors; Behr Premium Plus Ultra, $33 per gallon; and two cheaper choices: Valspar Ultra Premium and Behr Premium Plus Enamel, both about $23 per gallon. Then we covered the bottom half of each chart with a second coat of the paints.

Bottom line

You'll need two coats to cover dark colors. Valspar Signature Colors hid about the same as Behr Premium Plus Ultra, and each took two swipes to cover all the stripes in our chart. That said, they covered better than two coats of the cheaper paints plus a coat of primer.