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A rash of complaints
Pyrex is born
A new formula
How we tested
Flying shards of glass
What the labels say
Blaming the victims
Next steps to take
Lab tests: Frame by frame
Reduce the risks
Shattering bakeware affects coworkers
75 Years of CU
Consmers Union 75th Anniversary 75 years bold

A retrospective of Consumer Reports and its place in the American consumer landscape.

Frame by frame: Our lab tests show glass bakeware under sudden stress

Last reviewed: January 2011

Heat test

Video shows a bakeware dish made of soda lime glass shattering after being heated in a 450-degree oven and placed on a wet countertop.

Tester putting hot bakeware on a wet countertop

Hot bakeware is put on the wet countertop

Hot bakeware shattering

Shattered glass