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New grout-free tile cracks under pressure
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New grout-free tile cracks under pressure

Last reviewed: July 2011
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July 2011 Consumer Reports Magazine.
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Cliks floor tile being installed
Bottom line
Cliks by Daltile is a tempting choice if you want real ceramic tile you install yourself. But we’d sidestep this option where dropped pots are common.

Cliks by Daltile, sold at Home Depot for $5 per square foot, is among the first ceramic flooring you click together and lay down without cement and grout. But our litany of simulated mishaps shows that this friendlier tile could present a nasty surprise later.

Cliks works much like engineered wood and plastic laminate, with interlocking tongues and grooves, but it uses a thin layer of real porcelain tile over plastic. Easy installation and impressive resistance to scratches, stains, and sunlight made Cliks look like the perfect blend of beauty and practicality. But it cracked relatively easily under the heavier weights in our dent tests. Because the tiles lock together, replacing one requires removing a whole row as well as the molding at the ends, rather than just the cracked tile.